Another bit of homework I did was to pick a celebrity or well known fictional character and assess why they would have a particular star sign!

Fictional characters were easier as to create a story people are given a more obvious personality type that doesn’t have too many complications and conflicts, particularly if they are only known as part of one particular narrative.  In real life you see how people behave in all sorts of situations so it is harder to pin down.  I used mainly fictional characters and I hope it highlights the qualities of the signs visually!


Aries – Wolf of Wall Street . 


He is a go getter! A self- starter; he is goal focussed, driven, headstrong, enterprising, and assertive. He saw an opportunity, went for it and walked over many people in the process.  He was a leader, took risks and when everything failed, he started a new business as a coach, he did not give up.

Taurus –


Farmer Hoggett believes that Babe can be The Sheep Pig.  He is fixed and persevering with his idea, and loyal to his pig.  He works in nature, is a quiet man, but his senses are refined and he enjoys the simple beauty of his animals.  He is gentle but firm and strong and nurtures the animal with a quiet unwavering approach.

Gemini – Davina McCall Presenting Big Brother


Davina interviewed all the guests impartially.  Getting gossip, discussing other members, showing no loyalty to anyone… her goal was to get as much information as possible by building a rapport with the person in question.  She is lively, energetic, interested into many things, moves quickly, runs with the evicted housemate through the crowds and is always talking!

Cancer – Kathleen Kelley – You’ve Got Mail


Kathleen works in a small children’s book store that was run by her mother.  She has close relationships with her staff and is kind and gentle with all the children who visit.  She buries her head in the sand when her business is in danger and is heartbroken with the emotion of letting go of the store when the time comes.

Leo- Father Christmas


Santa Claus is happy, fat, laughing man who generously shares gifts with everyone around the world.  He has elves do his work for him and works one night of the year, fantastic delegation!  He is larger than life and enjoys praise and the company of children, being perceived as kind, funny and loving.  He enjoys being at the centre of the festivities.

Virgo –


Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks’ Notice is uptight, perfectionist and works in service.  She is an attorney; intelligent and precise, fussy and painstaking in her work.  When it comes to love she is shy, reserved and does not put herself forward as she has too much doubt and seems to lack confidence.

Libra –

emma thompson

Emma Thompson in Love Actually is pleasant and charming.  Her husband has an affair, she discovers it but works to keep the balance and harmony in the family.  She is sociable, reasonable and understands compromise. She also shows a flair for design with the costumes made for the children.

Scorpio – Professor Snape


The professor of the Dark Arts, he was a death eater, very much into the dark arts but he was also very emotional, and tenaciously held on to his love of Lilly Potter, as much as he held on to the hatred of James potter.  He is sensitive, suspicious, persevering, deep, and complex and he transforms from a death eater, to work as a Spy for Dumbledore.  He represents the paradox and hidden depths of Scorpio.

Sagittarius –


Scarlett in Four Weddings and a Funeral has some Sagittarian qualities.  She is always late, happy, has comments to say on everything.  Open, honest and warm.  However, as a bridesmaid she walks down the aisle with the back of her dress wide open and her massive pants showing – a classically Sagittarian oversight.


mr darcey

Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones is somewhat solid, dour and professional.  He is a mature and sober individual.  His seriousness seems boring and off putting, however it is his steady persistence and conservative nature make him attractive eventually as he has hidden humour.  He appears to be totally self-contained and does not easily ruffle, even when he reads Bridget’s Diary!

Aquarius – Mr Weasley


Mr Weasley has lots of children and is a hen-pecked husband, but for the most part he remains somewhat emotionally detached (but is paradoxically a loyal husband and father).  He is interested in his children, but treats Harry equally.  Notably, he is fascinated with Muggle technology and makes a flying car.  This preoccupation is an Aquarian fascination.  He also embodies the peculiarity of Aquarian thinking.

Pisces –luna

Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter is dreamy, mystical and slightly removed from society.  She is drippy, other worldly and sees things differently to most people. Her character is soft and gentle, warm, selfless and caring just a little unstable and artistic.