Dear Friends, 

I’m supposed to be on my holidays. Away from my computer, taking a break!

On Friday I locked my laptop away and anxiously left it behind as I traveled home to Notts before a trip to Croatia. I felt like part of me was missing but considered it GOOD TRAINING in not working all the time.

I’d had a few doubts about my holiday, I’d been over thinking it and asking TOO many people for their opinion in the way that a 7th house Sun does when they are stuck in a thought a loop.

I’d asked the Tarot on Thursday and Friday, both times I’d been presented with The Tower! This isn’t a card that pops up for me all that often and NOT IDEAL. But I tried to iron out it’s appearance and decided I needed the break, whatever wake up call was coming was necessary…

It’s not good for pre-holiday anxiety though!

What if I test positive? What if they cancel my flight? What if I get everything stolen? What if there’s an earthquake? Couple that with Uranus stationing retrograde on the 19th/20th and the MASSIVE MENTAL Full Moon on Sunday and EVERYTHING is warning me “mad stuff is happening, take care.”

But what did I do? I positive mind-setted my self out of it like a good Sagittarius!

On Saturday morning when I went to get my train back to Nottingham and INEXPLICABLY the ticket I purchased the day before wasn’t there in my trainline app (despite 3 years of using this app at least twice a month) – I had to buy a new ticket at the station because Immy* refused to accept my email confirmations as proof of purchase.

*complaints have been made, I have Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn! Makes me great at going back (retrograde) to complain about standards (Capricorn).

On Sunday my taxi to the airport was late, I dutifully tested for the plague like a dog (and don’t recommend that experience to ANYONE.) The barbaric, insanity of this money making scheme is so outrageous. We are living in dark, dystopian times. 

Either way, paperwork assembled, little plastic bag full of my Taurus Moon essentials. A throwback from the Saturn Pluto opposition of 2011 whereby emergency laws passed in the wake of 9/11 have never been lifted. I pondered this as I filed my negative rest results, wondering whether the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020 and all Covid (aka Certificate Of Vaccine IDentity) tests will remain forever.

Cut to the chase –  I make it through the X ray machines, walk off and congratulate myself on being able to travel even when Saturn is sitting on my 9th house Mars. Approx 3 minutes later I realise my phone is missing and the word “hubris” resounds in my head. 

I doubled back to the Xray machines in search of my phone. No phone, nothing been handed in. Zero. 

“Ah, this is what The Tower was about.”

I can’t travel without my phone because it’s everything, boarding passes, testing registration, cash, emails, accommodation details AND I didn’t have my laptop, so I really had no clue as to what was happening.

Eventually they double check all the CCTVs and apparently my phone was stuck in the Xray machine?!

Looking back I had noticed that there was a massive gap between my two trays arriving but I didn’t question it too much, there must’ve been a collision en route through he X-ray tunnel?

A lovely lady found it and informed me that my flight was 15 minutes delayed so I could try…and as I thanked her, told her I’d text her and ran for my flight I asked her what her name was.


“Great work Venus!” I shouted as I started running through the airport.

I watched the computer says no Ryanair robots let someone on the plane approx 3 seconds before me but then didn’t let me on.

I tried, I really tried. But Saturn said no. I also hadn’t realised that there was a first quarter moon yesterday at 22 degrees Scorpio, bang on my Saturn. 

Last August I flew to Portugal as the first quarter moon was at 2 degrees Sagittarius, bang on my descendent… I watched it from the plane window against a sunset sky.

Saturn protects. Was my phone missing my TOWER moment? Or was it strong intervention from the ancestors protecting me against the warnings I was ignoring? 

Saturn experiences can feel so limiting and depressing, but they really are for your own good. At my Saturn Return I was equally stubborn, in a really VERY dead end relationship but I thought I could positive mindset my way out of it.

The day of my Saturn Return the universe sent me Suneet to TELL me I was going to be an astrologer. A psychic at a property networking event at Home House! I often think, that was the universe sending me a really clear message because I was TOO DENSE on my own to realise that I could be an astrologer (and that I needed to leave said hopeless relationship.) Suneet was very animated when she told me he was bad news! OBVIOUSLY I didn’t listen and pushed it even longer, just to double check.

If the signs, energy, and reality is negative it is MUCH easier and WISER to listen. Doesn’t mean I always do it though! I really wanted some blue sky magic!

Either way – I’m back, reunited with my laptop. Remembering that actually THIS IS MY JOY. I need a break from social media, from replying to loads of questions, from seeing clients, hosting events and teaching. But I never need a break from writing or planning! 


SO NOW I’m on my way to Norfolk where nothing needs to be shoved up my nose to arrive and there will be no phone reception or internet when I’m there.??

I thought I’d write this for anyone who asks me if I listen to my astrology and “live by it” – yes and no!

I think knowing all that astrology and having seen those Tarot cards I accepted the situation in a way that someone who didn’t have all that information might not do so easily. I could’ve lived by it more and been WISER, but we live and learn.

UNDERSTANDING LEADS TO ACCEPTANCE (for me) and that’s why I love Astrology. That’s why it’s useful for relationships, job choices and the rest.

For the 6 who comes from a mega ambitious family and wants to be a groundbreaking journalist but can only ever be a harmony seeking, community focussed 6. To the independent Aries, Sun Uranus who can never not be a groundbreaking pioneer. There is something fundamental in us that must be honoured.

The magic with astrology is WHAT will we do with all this information?

That’s why astrology readings are a thing!

August and Leo Season, like December and Sagittarius Season are FUN but they kinda do my head in with the lack of focus, no one working properly, everyone out of office etc… but if you can’t beat them, then join them…

Wilderness was so good, a magic fest made better by the New Moon in Leo and VIBRANT gratitude pulsating waves throughout the festival. Everything flowed and had the feeling of “right place right time” in a way that this weekend really didn’t!

This is how we LEARN what our intuition is saying. Ignoring our intuition is the single most annoying thing in life. It’s important to get to know how it talks to you so that you can say on the path of gold as much as possible. More on this soon.

ALSO, if you’re interested watching my crypto event from April, the recording will be available to purchase later. It’s a good watch!

All the best,

Francesca x