The new moon is a time of magic, intention and fresh starts… and sleep!!  I try and make it a thing to turn off my phone and really zombie out at the new moon.  A guaranteed chill, relax and zone out at least once a month.  I’m super solid zombie tired as I write, almost delirious!

First things first, this is a New Moon in Pisces, the subconscious swirls around us as we delve into dreams, our intuition and the most mystical part of ourselves.  This lunation is very close to Chiron “the wounded healer” – what do we learn from pain and suffering?  To be KIND to people!  Pisces is the kindest and its kindness rooted in compassion and understanding.  There is something about this New Moon that relates to how we are better people because of our suffering.  Some of the best people out there have had a hard time of it, Chiron ensures we are not spoilt.  It’s a terrible thing to be spoilt, and it’s difficult, potentially impossible, to recover something once it is rotten.


This is something I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago, at the start of Pisces season.  It described the dreamy, creative nature of the skies out there that had a bit of kick from Mars in Sagittarius, encouraging us to explore, expand and well, emigrate to a faraway land of magic!  This is the end of Pisces season, the end of the astrological year, time to wind down.

At the time of this lunation Mars will be at the very final degree of Sagittarius, 29 degrees and 54 minutes to be precise.  That is one hell of a wild horse!  The final degree of Sagittarius has is such a potent place to be because Sagittarius is such a last minute energy anyway!  Why?  Because Sagittarius is optimistic and always believes it has more time than it actually does. Constantly distracted by people, ideas and adventure it often takes Sagittarius a while to actually get to where they dreamt of going.  When we reach the final degree of Sagittarius the belief switches to what they believe they can do in a short space of time… the miracle of time-bending.  At this time though, this impatient, restless Sagittarius energy might be pushing us to do too much.  I’m very familiar with this “mind over matter” approach to life, trying to do more than is humanly possible.  Going out when I have zero energy and thinking I’ll just find some energy from somewhere.  I certainly used to battle with that when I was younger and burn myself out, I’m far more boring now but still have a tendency to do too much.  It’s a modern problem!  Listen to your body this weekend and give yourself some Pisces NOURISHMENT with calm, meditation and a slower pace of life.  Aries season is coming and well, you need the rest for that!


Mars has no more aspects to make in the sign of Sagittarius, his journey in Sagittarius complete but his dreams and new ideas are eternal, you can’t take away the memories as he moves into Capricorn.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Mars the great fighter and the warrior is tamed and given something constructive to do in Capricorn.  Think of a wild energetic toddler in a ball pit as Mars in Sagittarius but Mars in Capricorn is the toddler with lego; focussed, concentrating and determined to create.  The energy is harnessed well.  Time for us to harness our energy and step out of the fog zone!

Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces and Sagittarius is retrograde.  He’s going backwards and asking us to reconsider our beliefs and dreams, taming the impulsivity.  Encouraging us to think broadly and making sure we realise that whatever we decide to do will last. As Mars hits Saturn and enters Capricorn he’s building with lead and not lego!  This gift of time to evaluate what we are doing will be great.  Plan, re-structure, start again.  Take yo time!

Venus and Mercury are in impatient, Aries but they too are being tamed by a square to slow time-Lord Saturn, no bad thing when we look at the rest of the sky.  Mercury also is slowing down ready to retrograde. To me, this is explore the depths, explore your dreams, listen to what your intuition is telling you.  Energy doesn’t lie.  There is more to everything that meets the eye and the only way we really know what to do is by listening to our heart and listening to how we feel.  Asking people for advice often leads to confusion as we try to assimilate their perspectives too.  Meditate, connect and then start making plans and absolutely do not be afraid to change them as the picture expands with clarity.

The Moon herself, sitting with the Sun, takes a break and taps into inner wisdom.  Hopefully it’s available in abundance at this time and  we can easily see what needs addressing!  Too distracted, too sensitive? Not sensitive enough?  Too many dreams and not enough action?  Feeling like a victim? Surrounded by victims?  Too many problems (AKA a victim FYI) it’s time to change the record.  New Moon intentions work!

How to set intentions?

Write them down.  Have a think and focus on “wellness”  spiritual health, energy levels, forgiveness, dreams, direction, sensitivity; the gentle instincts that call us.  All the magical matters!  Remember, Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac so we are dealing with the final, finest and highest levels of life and our psyche.  What have you learnt in this last astrological year?  What do you what to take with you after the equinox on Tuesday?


Here are some examples of things you might want to consider…


“I want all debilitating sensitivity easily lifted from me.”

“I want to attract, recognise and begin spending time with those where on a spiritual path that is similar to my own.”

“I want to experience total forgiveness in the situation with xxxxxxx.”

“I want wisdom leading to loving people unconditionally.”

“I want the habit of procrastination totally lifted from me.”

“I want to to easily recognise when I am taking on too much.”

“I want to trust the universe and know that the timing is perfect.”

These are just some ideas. You want to write 10 and focus on your own chart, your own life… do you need to forgive yourself, or others? Plan more, plan less?  Are you being impatient or do you need to start setting some seeds and making some longer term goals?  This is all food for thought and time to start making an initial sketch for future plans.


Hope this makes sense!  The New Moon is on Saturday at 13.11 in the UK or as I prefer 1.11pm  Somewhere in the world it will be at 11.11am.  That is some angelic vibes right there.

Big love,

F xx

P.S. Don’t get too drunk!  This has over the top (Sagittarius) drunk (Pisces) written all over it!