Ah what joy to be able to be BE YOURSELF!  For the most part the happy combination of a secure Taurus moon (stable home, good relationship with the mother, very comfortable in in my own skin) and a Sagittarius sun sign (optimistic, outgoing and fairly SILLY) I am double lucky and find it easy to be myself.

Naturally this can be a problem, I’m useless at being fake, my thoughts and feelings are written all over my open and expressive face at all times.  When I need to fit in, I am SLOW (Taurus) to adapt.

There are all sorts of facets to all our characters and charts that give us the possibility to express ourselves.  Things we can work on, and most importantly our challenges that push us to GROW.

However, my advice for everyone is BE YOURSELF.  There is so much out there… we all know to follow our dreams… BUT WHAT IF YOU CAN’T IDENTIFY YOUR DREAM?!

“I WOULD BE FOLLOWING MY DREAM! I would be running my own super business if I KNEW WHAT IT WAS!” I can hear your cries from here!  Not everyone is lucky enough to KNOW what they should be doing.  Purpose is a gift to the soul.

meaning of life

(I gave mine away years ago mate! hahahaha)


I think one of the fastest, most efficient and easiest ways to find your gift is to BE YOURSELF.  If you follow your instincts and interests, stick to YOUR path and eventually you will find something that sets your heart on fire! A talent that you never tire of.  Something you enjoy, something that you want to learn about and need to share.

Whatever it is….


be yourself

Do what you LOVE!!

Be brave and enjoy the ride!

Frank x x x