Good Morning!

Big Day today!  Rugby World Cup begins, Saturn moves to Sagittarius, Mercury went Retrograte yesterday.

Mercury retrograde?  A time for THINKING and reflection, not for acting.  Under mercury retrograde nothing is what it seems, life is somehow more complicated and plans don’t work out well.  Now then, I’ve really enjoyed the Mercury Retrogrades this year… any issues or technical problems that had been bothering me were RESOLVED under Mercury Rx.

I was born under Mercury Retrograde (“I don’t know what that means, but I’m not surprised!” I can hear you!) Also, my natal backwards Mercury is conjunct with Neptune, the planet of confusion, chaos and lack of boundary.) I LIKE IT!  It’s all about being intuitive, thinking, revisiting old ideas and improving on them.

In general Mercury Retrograte indicates:

  • Small communication misunderstandings (this is the time when people will misconstrue the tone of your email or text message.) That’s why I use voicenotes most of the time, then people can HEAR what I’m saying and not take the words the wrong way. And it’s quicker.
  • Transport problems. Yes this is just a pain. Leave 30 minutes early.
  • My Gemini flatmate was knocked off his bike on the way home in both of the other Mercury retrogrades this year. I must text him… OK done it.  He’s also left handed with a Mercury Neptune contact… and he’s a poet.  He lives too deeply within in his own head and ideas.  I’ve had to give myself a good talking to about crossing roads too.  My daydreaming is EXTREME.  Mercury Neptune / Mercury Retrograde is a very daydream thing.
    • I currently live with another left handed guy who has the same Mercury Neptune exact conjunction in Capricorn as I do. He never leaves the house without coming back 5 minutes later for something he’s forgotten.  We are both always humming and making lists.  Mercury Neptune people are afraid that their thoughts will vanish as Neptune (rules Pisces) is all things ethereal… ideas come and go from the ether with ease; great for inspiration and intuition, not so great for remembering where you put your keys. (I only looked up his chart to look for this Mercury Neptune contact as I saw myself in the way he thinks and behaves. Quelle surprise, there it was!)  P.S. This one is a musician.
  • Gemini and Virgo are RULED by Mercury and I have seen that Gemini are certainly affected by this… not so much Virgo but Gemini are so WORDY that they can take things the wrong way and freak out. Deep breaths before you respond! Same for everyone, but especially those Geminis and Virgos!

BASICALLY, anything that involves quick mental facility, communication, travel over short distances, devices used for communicating… could go a little wrong, it could get a little confusing!  My whole life has this feature to it, I touch a computer and it breaks. Welcome to my world 🙂 I’m a pro at chaos living and thrive in Mercury Retrograde! However all of us would benefit from slowing down, focusing, living in the moment, rethink, repair, reconsider, rework, reevaluate and when someone says somethings annoying… STOP before flipping out. REspond with calm.

Mercury retrograde happens for about 9 weeks each year so… if you feel like you are used to chaos living too I’ll check your chart.

Saturn in Sagi is another story that I will flow with shortly.  Today is a day of change, but I guess not entirely smooth changes!

If you’re off to the Rugby later, leave early 🙂




In classic Mercury Retrograde style I forgot to mention my favourite part of this event!  COINCIDENCE!  Just as Venus Retrograde brings back old lovers from the past, Mercury Rx brings back people, events and ideas.  Mercury is a trickster and so people will be where you least expected them to be!  “HELLO! Fancy seeing you here!”  It’s great!  I absolutely love bumping into (most) people.  So enjoy! 🙂