I just sent out my November Newsletter.  Thankfully I noticed that it looked like this in your inbox, so it wasn’t possible to see that there was a massive long blog post included!
BUT it actually looked like this…
The rest of my blog post was HIDDEN!! Mercury is still square to Saturn and information is being limited. I’m sending my newsletter again now with this link, read on below!

November 2020

I could quite happily sit and write about the astrology of now all day, maybe even all weekend!

It’s an addiction and gets in the way of things I really want to focus on but I LOVE CHARTS and all this big news is fascinating.

I’m not going to share my tips for Lockdown because everyone else already did it! ? Though there are some horoscopes I co-wrote here in The Express.

>>> I wrote this newsletter on Friday and now here we are on Sunday morning, it would be remiss of me to completely ignore the USA election! <<<

Joe Biden has been elected… but the charts are messy. This is 2020. Hold yo horses!

Mercury Stationed direct on November the 3rd. So the voting, counting, communication will be stalled, disrupted and have that Mercury Retrograde vibe.  The same vibe as the car mysteriously breaking, the internet ceasing to function, the upload function on your email going on strike.  It COULD be that the delays in counting have been represented by the Mercury Retrograde station square to Saturn. Or it could be that the saga continues. I wonder how the landscape will look when Mercury moves out of shadow?

The eclipse to Trump’s Sun on the 14th of December could easily say “bye bye pal”. One’s half birthday is when our solar function is at our weakest, eclipses impact people born at eclipses more than the rest of us. When the light is blocked out, the power is snuffed out. It either recharges with more POWER or goes to rest.

The inauguration date (which is always when the Sun is at 0 Aquarius = land of the FREE = Aquarius no. 1 value) is INTERESTING this year because Saturn and Jupiter will still be hanging around at the early degrees of Aquarius. But Mars and Uranus will still be in early Taurus. A fixed T square is a FIXED IMPASSE,maybe... Uranus is involved and as all astrologers will tell you, “you can’t predict the unpredictable.”  ⚡️

When we consider that every single US president is inaugurated when the Sun is at 0 Aquarius, and that Jupiter and Saturn meet at 0 Aquarius at Winter Solstice… the chart of The President (every USA president) is being hit up at the end of the year. All eyes on the president?

I’ve just pulled up Kamala Harris’ chart, she’s rising Gemini 24 degrees! So the eclipse on the 14th of December is bang on her DESCENDENT. Her partnership is being spotlighted, transitioned, upgraded or downgraded. That’s Biden then, gear change! Remove, replace, reconsidered or reinvigorated?

Her Saturn is in Aquarius so her second Saturn Return is on its way and her natal Saturn is conjunct her MC, (like the Queen of England). The MC is the top of our chart and describes our career, vocation and the way people see us. Hard work and responsibility are part of her destiny, she loves rules. Watch her take control with the close support of Saturn.

In November 2021 her 11th house Jupiter will be eclipsed expanding her reach and idealistic Aquarius principles as Pluto moves to square her Sun. Power is in her midst? She’s transforming!  

Either way – the complications of the election and head to head at the inauguration are things to keep our eyes on. TBC.. It’s not a straightforward walk to office! The story is yet to unfold.

I’m going to do an event on Eclipses at the end of the month, I’ll send something about that to you soon. First things first I’m writing CYCLES 2021. I’m in September at the moment and want to finish it today!

In a very LOOSE overview of November
>>>back to what I wrote on Friday! <<<

Mars Stationing Direct is going to be a fire show on November the 13th. His themes are going to BLOOM and BOOM. His mood is everywhere at the moment. Do you remember when social media was just for sharing photos of your drunk night out…? I’m trying to bring that back ? ? There is so much ANGST, anger and brittleness online!

Anger vs Fear achieves negativity.

That being said; anger, rebellion, individual fire! It’s heating up and it is obvious from looking up at the sky and seeing that RED HOT STAR (Mars) glowering at us! ☄️

Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the 12th of November is a PEAK AND PINNACLE. It could correspond with peak deaths, peak power plays, peak financial markets, peak exorcism, peak expulsion, peak  corruption, peak volcano, peak wealth, peak cleanse, peak surrender, peak flow.

Jupiter and Pluto meet once every 13 years, it was there at Bill Gates birth and it wasn’t far off at Beyonce’s birth too. Jupiter Pluto people GO BIG in their various ways. I just went on a Google search to find more of them, Kris Jenner is another… but I had to reign myself in or else it would be another hour lost!

In traditional astrology Mars ruled Scorpio. In modern astrology Pluto rules Scorpio. The Sun is in Scorpio as his rulers get up to some pretty INTENSE action. 

BEYOND the peak we move into Sagittarius Season and are swiftly met with Neptune moving direct on the 28th and a lunar eclipse in Gemini on the 30th of November.  A reflection of the eclipse on the 5th of June, but this time it’s at the North Node. Where outdated beliefs and confused ethics reigned in June, what can we expect for November? Truth in the spotlight? Eclipsed information? 

Neptune direct will be a great time for me to WRITE, I’ll use the weekend to let imagination and inspiration FLOW as the creative fruits of Neptune will be at their full power.  A time for all of us to “tune in.”

PREDICTIONS make fools of all of us – especially optimistic Sagittarius, but I saw headlines about air bridges between New York and London a couple of weeks ago and we are in the midst of a sea change. Park that in the back of your mind.

This is partly based on some Neptunian idealism and partly to do with the restoration of Neptune’s varnish. Whilst he’s been retrograde the icing sugar has been missing from the landscape, it’s been raw and raggedy. When he flows in direct motion we can see and feel the magic again.

The power of the collective is stronger than ever, so let’s pray for / focus on / set intentions for / meditate on a vision of progression. (Use the language that resonates with you!)



VERY interesting synchronicity! Don’t you think?