A turbo post on what to do at this MOST POWERFUL of New Moons!

That might be an exaggeration, it might not be the *most powerful* but Scorpio is the most magnetic and powerful sign, so it makes sense that the energy flows down. Even if the Moon isn’t overly happy in Scorpio.


Why so?


Because the moon is expressive, emotional, caring and nurturing.  The moon represents maternal love and care, open arms, soft fleshy hugs and free flowing tears of love and empathy.  Scorpio, a water sign of equal if not even more strongly felt emotions does not express these emotions in the natural, soothing and free flowing style of Cancer.  Scorpio holds emotion in because if the enemy sees weakness you lose power.  Anyone could be the enemy!  Scorpio is a tad paranoid and needs to understand every inch of another person’s inner world before they open up.  Therefore, the emotion is held tight and if you hurt them they will let you know about a month later!  However if you love them, they will love you back, forever. Quietly, silently, loyally.  If someone hurts someone they love, they will go after them.  The love of Scorpio is unrelenting, enduring, alchemical, changing, transformative, dedicated, profound and incomprehensibly deep.


So you see, the free flowing love of the teary moon in Scorpio is not a natural combination, but as always with astrology there is common ground to be found.  Here we have sensitivity, care and the will to act upon emotion.


With the energy of Scorpio in mind, make your intentions this month knowing that you can change your life.  However, NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES.   I love saying that but it’s not the best way to express what I’m saying.  If you want your life to change, then make it so.   I’m studying tarot now, even though I never used to understand it and thought it was too random.  I now understand synchronicity and so, tarot works.  We are all magicians.  We all manifest and create our lives. However, only when we take that power into our own hands. Sitting back and expecting someone to wave a magic wand or for your ‘luck to change’ is a dream… and our luck does ebb and flow but we can wrestle with our own experience; it takes will power, belief and determination.


Something else I must mention about Scorpio is the birth, life and death theme that runs through the energy.  Every birth represents a death.  Every death enables a birth.  Death is part of life.  It’s a Pluto / Scorpio ruled experience and therefore often approached with fear or even terror.  However, it is a natural part of life and now is the time to acknowledge that.  I’ve mentioned this in my previous newsletter, but sticking it in the blog because I’ve not yet worked out how to put my newsletters on my website.  The Day of The Dead and Halloween naturally fall when the Sun is in Scorpio, highlighting the links between death and the sign.


LOOK AT ALL THESE TANGENTS!  I’m sorry.  This is why I have no time.  Too many tangents.


What to do at The New Moon in Scorpio?

I don’t have any fancy new rituals but I have my favourite and traditional 10 wish list.  Write 10 things down, chose your words uber carefully and fold that paper up, stick it under some crystals.  Perhaps say a prayer, light a candle or talk to the universe and say out loud what you would like to see in your life.  Whatever feels right and not too insane for you.


Scorpio themes are around:

  • obsessive patterns (what crazy tendencies can we drop?)
  • deep emotional relationships
  • holding on to bad feeling, old relationships, general Scorpio vibes of amazing loyalty that has gotten to be too much
  • charisma
  • magic and transformation
  • will power and determination
  • rest, letting go and starting fresh

These are the sort of themes but course it depends which house this lunation falls in.  My advice is to think about what you really want to FOCUS on and ask for help with that.


Some examples I took from Jan Spiller’s book:

“I want to attract, recognise and experience a happy soul-mate relationship.”
“I want a positive transformation to occur in the area of…..”
“I want lots of healthy, happy, charisma in my relationships.”
“I want to easily attract, recognise and begin working with the right person who facilitates a psychological healing for me.”
“I want to easily find myself releasing old ‘baggage’ from all previous relationships.”
The New Moon is at 11.42am UK and it’s best to do this within 8 hours of the lunation!
Happy Manifesting!
At least – have a REST!  I cannot wait! Phone off, see you on the flip side when I’ll be sufficiently recharged!
Big love,
F xx