Hello from lockdown!

My life has been so locked down for the past few years that during the week I barely notice the difference! Sad but true!  Or not that sad?  It’s all always about perspective and context and there are so many great things about my comfy, alarm free lifestyle. 70% of my clients are online, I read, run, type… the only thing that’s changed is doing more yoga at home.  For years I’ve said to friends, “why would I travel to see you when we can just FaceTime!?” Ha!  I think that’s a symptom of living in London and my DISDAIN for travel, commuting, traffic, waiting for busses etc…  I’d like to live somewhere social but without the hectic London vibes.

My natal moon is in Taurus, in the 12th house.   Home to me is in nature (Taurus),  in a sort of prison (12th house).  Our house use to be a leper hospice; very 12th house!

Growing up here (I’m currently at my parents’ house) was isolated… no village pub, no corner shop.  NOTHING.  Which right now is the ideal way to live, but when we moved here in 1993 was a bit strange.  My moon is 9 degrees away from my ascendent, and we moved here when I was 9; a perfect example of how Solar Arc Progressions can be very literal. (Ignore that sentence if it means nothing to you.)

This isolated living feels like home to me in many ways.  However, in 2000 (Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus on my Moon and Uranus in Aquarius on my Mars) MSN & ICQ messenger became a thing, life changed forever and I spent every evening in chat rooms with my school pals. To say that I loved it was an understatement…!  So grateful I am for t’internet and typing and talking to people online. 


The New Moon in Taurus is Conjunct Uranus.  We have two divergent themes at play.  The Taurus love of nature  and the changes, shocks, technology and revolutionary behaviour of Uranus.  What do we see?  How do we harness this?


What do we associate with the Moon in Taurus?

The moon is exalted in Taurus and there are some definite bonuses to the Taurus moon.

CALM being the main one.  When you put the very very emotional and up and down, CYCLICAL moon into the green fields of Taurus, you get an emotional disposition that is slightly more steady and reassuring than most.  “Grounded” is a word that is frequently bandied about in the wellness world.  It doesn’t mean that all people with the moon in Taurus are grounded all the time (look at the rest of the chart!) but there is a latent ability to earth, to pause, rest, stop… etc.

If you’ve seen Benny Drama’s sketches, watch here you can see these EARTH themes in the Taurus!

He acts out the themes of each sign of the zodiac with pure genius.

“I’ve got my comfies on, I can’t go out.” Haha!

So the VALUES of Taurus are deep physical, sensual PLEASURES.  Things that look nice, feel nice, are natural, slow, calm, beautiful, musical and BOUNTIFUL.  Quality is a Taurus word too.  There’s plenty of memes thanking Taurus for keeping the economy going.  Spending on QUALITY and brands is a very Taurus vibe.  Which, to be fair, is being endorsed more and more by eco warriors who want us to move away from fast fashion. Taurus is SLOW!  


The bad bits


An inability to let go.

Being unable or unwilling to change.


Being bogged down.

Not being bothered by things.  I knew someone who had 3 planets in Taurus and described them as “inert” like a noble gas. Nothing moved them. It was infuriating!

What has Uranus in Taurus meant so far?

Bit coin – crypto currency.  Is anyone paying cash anymore?  No, because we have to touch it! “Contactless” a precursor of “social distancing.”

When Uranus moved to Taurus at 0 degrees there were plane crashes in the news.  Uranus rules air travel and Taurus grounds them. (Saturn in Aquarius is boosting that theme at the moment.)  I’m not saying it will be forever, but there will most likely be some alterations to the aviation industry.

Extinction Rebellion.

The rise in plant based living.

Garden centres going online!

Clothes rental agencies.

Themes we might see going forwards?

Food shortages.

Organic farming.

Heritage seed use.

More crypto discussions.

A shift in what we value.  We used to go shopping and buy clothes and now everyone is obsessed with being outside.  What a SUDDEN SHIFT (Uranus) to the things we value.

The internet is full of banana bread, healthy eating strategies to boost your immunity and daily run breakdowns.  It’s hard not to see this through my eyes and the people I follow online!   However, I’m so interested (we all are) to see how we all feel about going back to polluted life as it was.

Remote working.  I’ve had this 2020 crisis on my radar for the past 3/4 years and I’ve thought that the economy would crash, fast fashion would die, the high street fashion brands will go and WHAT will move into these buildings? Education centres? Drop in offices? More housing?  This has been my speculation as I’ve watched #fastfashion become a talking point on instagram over the past few years.

I’ve said this to a few people who have countered that people will always want to shop and I agree, but the speed at which we shop surely has to change? The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions, is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply, and pollutes the oceans with microplastics.  Fashion should be craft, artisan, thought, creativity, limited cotton, limited wool, limited leather!  The fact that we have turned a blind eye to the “made in Bangladesh, Vietnam, China” labels for so long speaks volumes about the consciousness and kindness of our humanity.

I think we are going to see a huge shift, mainly because we have to.

I will come back to this later on when we talk about wealth…

Along comes Uranus

Uranus flips things upside down and makes them strange, new, freaky.  People who are strongly Uranus (in their chart) are deemed as crazy, because they are ahead of their time.  Eventually the mainstream catches up, the people switch their opinions and the weird thing becomes normal.

Plant based life, I’m looking at you.


This New Moon

When I wrote cycles I had this new moon down as an absolute banger.  I picked the Ace of Cups to correspond with the energy.  FRESH energy of JOY and “my cup runneth over” vibes.

Here is part of what I wrote last August for this New Moon in CYCLES 2020.


“…New Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, so a surprise might be around the cor- ner. Saturn is square to this lunation which can denote a sombre feel; however, with Jupiter close by and Uranus directly involved, we can channel this austere energy into constructive planning.

Venus is forming a challenging but potentially romantic aspect with Neptune (so watch out for gullibility.) Mars in Aquarius is also joining the party asking us to break free of the past, skip down the street and consider a new way of doing things that is more loving and liberating. This is about exploring a life you love that feels like freedom.

Our self-esteem is being rebooted at this new moon in Taurus and again we are gifted the opportunity to forgive both other people and ourselves.

Anyone feeling sadness, loneliness or disappointment at this time can take a pause in the monthly cycle to sit with any uncomfortable feelings and let them run their course. Tomorrow is a new day and it will be brighter when you pour your emotions into future plans.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and she is intrinsically connected to our value system. It is invaluable to understand the connections between your net-worth, your self-worth and your relationships. In astrology Venus has a big say on money and relationships so at this New Moon in Venus ruled Taurus, we can get our finances in order!”


Translating this now with the added gift of CONTEXT alludes to the fact that this new way of life, as challenging as it is, is offering us a different sort of freedom.  If we change what we value, what we desire and really start to cherish the clear skies and the fact that you don’t have to partake in a dreary, crowded commute and work all the time just to survive, exhausted at the weekend.  Then there is a new found freedom that most of us have never experienced for very long at all.


I know people are fractured now, and that it is easier than ever to offend people. So please understand I know that there are people in emergency housing, those with no food, people in refugee camps, people losing lives and lots of trauma to process. I know all of that is there… it’s not always fun and games in the countryside here either!  But I’m not here to complain, at all.  I’m an astrologer, I’m writing about IDEAS and concepts for people who have the time to read, observe and think about ideas and concepts.

I’m not going to translate what I wrote any further, because actually the abstractness lets you apply it to what is going on for you!

The New Moon affects us all differently, depending on our birth charts!


Taurus = Cash.  Capricorn is more linked to finance and banks.  Taurus rules our possessions, our cash, our value, our “net-worth.”

I have read loads of “spiritual money” books over the years and if you’ve not read any then read one because they don’t vary loads. exploring the spiritual aspects of money and the beliefs held by the collective about wealth. I started with “Creating Money” as it was recommended in one of Judy Hall’s books that I read about 5 years ago.

I’ve always been taught that money is energy and it needs to move.  It’s like a river, spend, earn, trust the flow.  Keep it moving.  Put in what you take out, keep the flow going for everyone.  Hippie concepts?  Not really.  The Loo Roll crisis was a physical and very obvious manifestation of what happens when fear makes people hoard things that are perceived as valuable creating unnecessary lack rooted in fear.


What is wealth?

Health is wealth.

Freedom is wealth.

Wealth is feeling abundant.

There are plenty of wealthy people who don’t feel wealthy because they compare themselves to people who have more.  There are also people who have a very basic existence who feel grateful and wealthy for everything they have.

I just watched “Love Your Garden” where Alan Titchmarsh beautifies the gardens of people who will really appreciate them.  In this episode it was two health workers who had a very poorly and disabled son, whose garden was too bumpy for his wheelchair.

The show involved a complete beautification and renovation of their little garden into a space to sit, eat and enjoy amongst murals, a little beach, bird garden and covered seated area.


So interesting that it was on as I was eating in my break from writing this because so many themes of The New Moon in Taurus were in that show:

  • Gratitude
  • A renewed interest in nature
  • The joy of gardens and being outside
  • The role of money and wealth in paying for and gifting this experience
  • Simplicity
  • Artistic beauty
  • Humble values

Money is NOT AN EASY topic to discuss.   I’m comfortable living with questions and enjoy exploring the extremes (Rising Gemini) so I like to get people talking and consider perspectives. Obviously sometimes (lots of the time) I’m passionate in my beliefs (Sagittarius) but there is so much S P A C E  in looking at all options.

The wealth discourse and the way we feel about money is so interesting.  I was reading a feed last night where people were getting irate about the NHS not being a charity.  “Eat the rich” was the line repeated in the IG comments! Are we communists now?

“We live in a world where billionaires exist” – I get that one. It’s the same as the Loo Roll, Jupiter conjunct Pluto debate! Wealth, power, hoarding… a fear based (?) accumulation of resources creating an imbalance of power.  Apparently ancient civilisations of Atlantis, Lemuria and the Myans all began to fail when people started hoarding the energy and stopped trusting the continued flow of abundance from nature.

I like to think that we need more wealthy people to attract some of that money out of billionaire hiding and get it moving again. George Michael had wealth and privately did all manner of amazing things to help people.  Elton John enjoys an extravagant and fascinating lifestyle as result of his talent and earning potential but he also feeds that money back into society.

Do we not want a world where people are able to celebrate their talents?

If you were to receive £10000 today would you feel happy or sad?

At what point is rich, rich?

When does rich become wrong?

The world is not full of equality, people have different talents and skills that are valued obscurely. Cleaners are consistently underpaid.  Care home workers on minimum wage (have no PPE but work in PRIVATELY OWNED care homes, therefore is it government responsibility?) are underpaid and care home owners are notoriously wealthy.

When did we start leaning on the government for everything?  I was self isolating before Boris told us to because I could see that he didn’t know what he was doing.  I don’t need to wait to be told what to do by the government.  If I was a care home owner, I would’ve purchased the PPE in February.

This is the Saturn, Pluto, Ceres conjunction from January bringing us all into awareness! The power structures that govern us are failing. Respect nature. Remember who is boss. The care sector is being valued because Ceres was involved in this conjunction and combined with Uranus in Taurus the things we value are changing.


Grounded Spirituality

You won’t hear me saying that “it’s just all fear” (there was soooo much of that on spiritual instagram at the beginning of the Covid 19 outbreak.)  However, there is fear everywhere and it *is* terrible for immune systems and we are *better together.*

So please do communicate if you need anything.  As far as I can see, Saturn in Aquarius is bringing communities  together.  It is also bringing added “neighbourhood watch” busy body behaviour though it seems like that has calmed down?  I’m not sure… I’m here in isolation, what do I know!?


New Moon in Taurus

You’ve probably guessed by now that Thursday is for assessing your VALUE system and setting some intentions for how things want to be going forwards… allow some radical ideas.  This is a time of radical change.

Go back to the green bit above and have a read and see if any of this resonates.

New Moon wishing with a New Moon conjunct Uranus sparks up ideas.  Life has changed fast and beyond recognition.  It continues to change, radically.  So you can make wishes on how you want things to change for you, radically.  Feel into it on Thursday morning and keep your wishes positive.  Wishes are supposed to be extravagant so use this Taurus energy as on opportunity to be generous with yourself, and others.


It’s a big ask!

Nature and calm will help us calm down, so get some peace there if you can!


Thanks so much, I’ve gone on a bit!!!  I’m doing events online. Where we can talk about all this!

Big love,