Ciao Friends, 

I’m writing from bed on another extraordinarily sunny morning.  Life is so strange at the  moment that it’s easy to overlook this mental weather!! I’ve never known it this beautiful for so long.  Does it have anything to do with the lack of planes and pollution or am I seeing patterns where there are none?

I’m here to explain that I’m finally creating an online course “how to read your birth chart in a week.”

In 2017 I had the idea to create a yoga / astrology retreat.  Where we could go to a villa for a week and there would be sun, swimming, morning yoga and then everyday we would learn a little more astrology.  It’s still a nice idea?! Let’s see about the future…!  I never got round to doing it because summers filled up with festivals and organising something like that is easy to keep putting in the future.

I like doing things quickly!  Whilst I loved and continue to love the extensive astrology studies I participated in.  I found my initial training to be excruciatingly slow.  In a group class people would ask the same questions week in and week out. They clearly weren’t doing any extra reading and I knew that one day I would create a course for people who want to move fast!

People who will do the extra reading, who are hungry to learn BUT need that little bit of guidance.  I’m not 100% self taught.  I need to ask questions and to have certain concepts explained to me.

In the past I’ve looked at writing a book and this lockdown time was a toss up between writing a book and doing this.  Online classes are fun, teaching and interacting with people is a laugh.  Writing a book isn’t a laugh… it will happen, but classes are fun!

The goal of this course is that we will look at the birth chart and teach the fundamental principles of astrology so that you have the ground work to read more and bring yourself up to speed.

I read a Stephen Fry book a few years ago where he encouraged someone to read a book in German, even though they didn’t speak a word of the language.  

Go on, try it, you’ll amaze yourself.

On the one hand I thought that was mad, on the other hand, I loved that idea of just jumping in at the deep end.

So are you in?

See you soon!