My skin was sore for years throughout my 20s and nothing would soothe my temperamental complexion!  After seven years of spots I was inspired to try natural solutions.  Working with VetsMediCover led me to meet hundreds of animals (and their owners) who had overcome skin and dietary conditions using natural health supplements.  During my hunt for face oils, dietary supplements and moisturizing creams I tried Neal’s Yard Remedies.  It revolutionized my skin within two weeks!  I went from suffering sore skin to people complementing me on my complexion within a fortnight. Magic.

My skin remains to be temperamental if subjected to too much, but I know how to calm it down quickly.  Also, using Wild Rose Beauty balm I can prevent disco spots from emerging!  That is real magic… especially in December!

From time to time my blog posts focus on these products such as this one that talks about  my favourite Neal’s Yard products!  My website hyperlink is below and you can order anything online.

Neal’s Yard


In the future I will know more about medical astrology, natural health; reflexology, osteopathy and massage, providing treatments to revitalize and energize you.   For now… I can make some preliminary suggestions and will recommend you to my favourites!


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