What’s the shadow of Sagittarius? Gemini. Its polar sign.

Different sides of the same coin, they say.

So the other side of the Sagittarius coin is multifaceted. You can’t pin it down or put it in a box because there’s always PERSPECTIVE and ALTERNATIVE.

Sagittarius is concerned with travel, off we go to all the corners of the world but how do we behave when we are there?

Good Sagittarius enters the temple / church / mosque and respects the customs, dress codes and has reverence IRRESPECTIVE of their belief.

Bad Sagittarius enters the temple / church / mosque and walks all over culture, shouts, take photographs and is OBLIVIOUS to their faux pas.


2020 saw the eclipses shift into Sagittarius and Gemini and during the summer we LEARNED where we had been oblivious. Where we’d been the obnoxious citizen, and we realised we needed to learn more.


This vibe is part of the collective at the moment, and it’s impacting us all individually.  Which house does this eclipse fall in? Where are the upgrades landing?

Sagittarius is concerned with ETHICS and ethical debates rarely have one answer. What are your morals? What matters to you? What have you been taught? What can be measured? How can we form a conclusion about this? Which argument is more important?

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