My levels of stupidity do surprise me.
Here I am writing about health and balance and last week I was SHATTERED!  Post festival, big meetings early in the week… work to catch up after having been away.
I felt ill, post party sore throat, my lips have cracked at the corners, ears ringing and sinusitis.  All seemingly explicable because I was camping in a bog, in a tent / submarine…


Yesterday I was moaning about my still cracked lips (at the corners of my mouth like you get in winter) and my pharmacist friend pointed out that this was a Vitamin B2 deficiency… and I thought OH yeah!! I remember being told that LAST TIME.

nealsy yard

Years ago I was knackered, energy all of the place, insomnia, cracked lips and someone in the Neal’s Yard shop in Covent Garden gave me Vitamin B, warning that it would make my wee bright yellow but I was burning up my Vitamin B by being too busy and stressed and needed more to stop feeling the negative effects of deficiency.

I took them, things improved… so I STOPPED taking them!

…being mega busy, camping in a bog, working hard, drinking (depletes vitamins) drinking caffeine to enable keeping on going (also depletes vitamins) leaves you on EMPTY!

These are the symptoms of a lack of Vit B2:

Inflamed mucous membranes, including cracked lips, sore tongue and mouth, burning eyes; skin rashes; anemia.

I had NO energy this weekend, literally couldn’t put one foot in front of the other. My head wanted to party, my body was knackered.  No amount of positive thinking was getting around it… I felt like a lead weight.  Sometimes we all feel tired but this level of fatigue must indicate that something is wrong.

INTERESTINGLY too I stumbled to get my haircut on Saturday and I’m usually very friendly and make a few jokes with the guy on reception but was too tired.  He said “you need a massage”  I said, “I do, how do you know!?” “I just know.”

I went for a MAGIC Thai massage on Sunday.  It was a little painful, Thai massages always are but I was in Yoga Nidra style state of deep relaxation and afterwards felt 100 times better. The best £35 I’ve ever spent (besides the The Roundhouse B&B last Friday when I escaped my submarine to enjoy a bath and 12 hour sleep.)  Easily one of the best nights of my life!  They say they you don’t remember the nights you stayed in, they lie.  It was easily on a par with following night dancing in the forest! Balance! Ha.


I BELIEVE in the power of massage, vitamins, energy shifts, yoga etc… so WHY not just jump on in and use these remedies.  Well MONEY… that’s why.  Unfortunately, we can put a price on our health.    However, if you feel zonked and have cracking skin, screaming ringing ears, sore eyes… and if you are of a weak and sensitive disposition, I would consider investing in some Vitamin B and take it when you are really burning the candle at both ends.  When your voice goes because of too much party, your eyes are red and your skin starts to crack (particularly for Virgo / Gemini types with their flaky scalp and eczema.) Try this Vitamin B, I know it worked for me last time and I HATE Marmite, so that’s not going to work as a substitute.

Balance is a constant work in progress! But again… despite everything my skin stayed smooth due to my best pal Wild Rose Beauty Balm! It couldn’t repair the rest though…!!


Take your vitamins!