HELLO June!  

One more month until eclipse season resumes and a whole lot of activity for this Gemini Rising… I have THREE free evenings this June and that will probably change as people book in later in the month.  When the Sun enters your first house, the action really begins, especially when Jupiter is in Sagittarius opposing and exacerbating everything!  So all of you Gemini / Sagittarius dominants, are you experiencing this sort of madness? Do let me know! 

To clarify what I mean by “the Sun entering my first house” is this… It is June and therefore we are in “Gemini Season,” babies born now are casually known to be a Gemini because that is their “star sign” or “sun sign.”  I am rising Gemini… and because the Sun is now traversing the section of sky we call Gemini, I can also say that the Sun is in my first house because our Rising Sign is the zodiac sign on the cusp of our “first house.”

Always read your horoscope for your Rising Sign because it dictates the direction of your chart (so to speak!) 

If you are rising Scorpio, then the Sun traverses Scorpio in October / November… so you will be busy (with your cauldron hehehe) as the transiting Sun moves through your first house.

THAT’S an aside but just wanted to clear that up for you!

So June brings us many BUSY things as I have already mentioned, Jupiter is in Sagittarius exaggerating everything as it opposes the Gemini Sun.

We also have a glorious Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 17th of June that calls us to go big or go home and to connection with our emotional and spiritual self.  Active spirituality.  Creative visions.  Big family meals. Talk it out.  Explore your truth and question what brings MEANING to your life.  Moving from knowledge to wisdom.  Trusting your intuition to lead you down the best path.  Trust the FEELS as your intuition could be heightened at this time.

Preceding this, on the 14th of June there is an epic grand trine in water, I’m always a major fan of these trines (more than fire, air or earth) because there is something magical about the water signs hosting a takeover.  The whole of 2019 (and beyond) involves a release of karmic debris (as Saturn and Pluto are at the South Node) but this peaks at certain occasions, such as the upcoming eclipses July 2nd and 16th. 

On the 14th of June the Scorpio Moon will commune with redemptive Neptune and Mars, Mercury and the North Node in Cancer.   Fiesty Mars actually fares well in Cancer, it’s not the fire water disaster we might expect it to be as he’s the triplicity ruler. Mars in Cancer understands how to defend oneself. So this is a day for going deep into our emotional world, dredging and enjoying the cleanse.  When we consider that the Moon will be big, waxing and heading for fullness with Jupiter this could be a weekend of emotional peaks that renewal and restoration.  It could also be a weekend of complete emotional breakdowns… it just depends how we handle what we are presented with!

Ok, enough of the introduction, time to write the horoscopes but there are certain days, like the aforementioned that I end up writing in every single scope… 


BUSY is one of your favourite words but this month could shift into burn-out if you don’t practice proper rest.  Guided meditations are a great way to tame your rapid thoughts.  Venus moves into your sign on the 9th providing you with some extra charm and grace which is always beneficial!  This month could be truly magical for you, if you just manage your thoughts, time, energy and direction.  Multitasking is a skill but faffing and procrastination sometimes disguise themselves as “multitasking!”  Being able to call yourself out is a major skill. 

The New Moon on the 3rd involves a wide T square with Neptune and Jupiter, again excessive responses are indicated here but handled well this is a day to communicate with your higher self and reset any limiting beliefs.  Thoughts become things!  Resetting bad habits is gold.  Buy a pack of tarot cards, write a letter to yourself and listen to your instincts.  June really is Gemini Season, this is your time.  On the 9th and 10th note your dreams, write them down first thing in the morning.    Your ruler Mercury moves into “shadow” on the 20th of June as he prepares to go retrograde in July and on the 21st the Sun  moves into Cancer, this indicates a time for you to slowdown and revise some of the plans you put into action during the first 3 weeks of the June.  Enjoy the revisions and try not to squander the first 3 weeks of this month by being scattered.


Mars is in your sign all of this month so you should be feeling extra vital and ready for action, if not a little feisty or defensive.  That all depends on the mood of your moon driven nature!  The New Moon on the 3rd encourages you to connect with your more private self, perhaps you enjoy time alone, away from friends and family, enabling you to connect with your higher self more intimately, getting familiar with your subconscious. The following day (the 4th) Mercury moves into Cancer which then enables you to more fully understand how you feel however the desire to daydream and spend your time creatively might continue until Solstice when the Sun regally glides into your sign (braced for some eclipses! More on that next month…)

The aforementioned Grand Trine in Water on the 14th should be a lovely day for you water signs, especially as the call for 2019 is for your to move further into your heart and let the feelings flow.  Mercury in Cancer moves into shadow phase on the 20th of the month and this will be a very interesting time for you as memories from the past or dormant issue may start to surface.  Next month will be pivotal in letting go of some of these so taking life slowly, percolating your thoughts and genuine self-care are in order.  On the 21st, just an hour before the Sun moves into your sign, Neptune will turn retrograde all in all making this a time to revise some of your beliefs, travel plans and begin exploring some new ways of connecting with something bigger than yourself.


The New Moon in Gemini on the 3rd is in your eleventh house making this an extra special time to make some wishes about how you want to communicate with the world at large.  Write down ten things, try not to cap yourself or limit the possibilities and think BIG, Jupiter demands it and wants you to have some fun.  June is a great month for you to shine and get busy doing the things you love, though there is a cluster of activity in your very private twelfth house so some reflective alone time might be on the cards too. 

The Full Moon on the 17th will see the Moon shine in the favourite sector of your chart, the fun, playful and creative area that encourages you to shine and be seen.  You could feel some tension between the need to hold the limelight versus the desire to work with others and some ease could be located in your ability to deeply connect with someone else.  Lions shine on their own but make great power couples too, in whatever form that may take.    On the 18th, Saturn and Neptune form an aspect that could challenge those of you born around the 9th – 13th of August.  Calling you to actualise some of the dreams that you have been brewing. This could feel uncomfortable but also mighty rewarding. The upcoming Mercury retrograde in July is going to give you time to rethink some of your dreams, so there’s no need to rush any decisions, you can have time to adjust any plans you make now.


There’s a strong resonance between your sign and Gemini, the sign where this month’s New Moon is located.  On the 3rd the New Moon falls in your career zone and it’s a great opportunity for you to re-think how you are communicating and where you might be being slightly gullible or extra-generous with some people you are dealing with, both a professionally and personally.  Boundaries are your friend, and all that really means is “it’s OK to say no!” 

The Full Moon on the 17th of the month brings your work life balance to attention, whilst your status in the world means lots to you, it can be fun to sit in the kitchen and eat and talk all night long. Virgo is has a tendency to over extend themselves, so take this time as an opportunity to kick back and have some FUN!  On the 21st Neptune moves retrograde in your partner sign Pisces, this is not a new occurrence but will probably affect those born around the 10th – 14th of September the most. As a helpful Virgo you can all have a tendency to put others first, at this time it is super important to choose your partners wisely, take advice with a pinch of salt and really take care with what you expose yourself to!   Neptune is a magical planet of connection to the universe as a whole but if we are not mindful and connected we can be confused and delusional… it’s a fine line and one to keep an eye out for!  From the 21st the Sun will move into your friendship and connection zone!  This could be a great time to nourish your most valuable friendships.


Have you booked your holiday this month?  Do you have any ideas on how you want to expand this year? The 3rd will be a great day to dream and wish about your adventures.  Whether it’s armchair travel and a  good book, flights to Singapore or a new course… the world is your lobster!  With an accumulation of planets in both Cancer and Capricorn some Libras could really be feeling the shove of the universe as they disciplined and purified by the mighty Saturn and Pluto.  I’m talking to all of you born 9th to 18th of October… they call it growth can be tricky and as graceful as you are, I’m sure this is quite an experience!  (If your Moon or Ascendent is at the relevant degree this could be you too…) 

Conversation is usually your strong point and the Full Moon on the 17th will be a great time to make some optimistic plans for the future, however if you feel you are overdoing it, try some gentle exercise, a day of smoothies, reducing caffeine and or simply taking a nap! As Saturn and Pluto are currently retrograde the intensity of 2019 is potentially not as strong as it has been, so enjoying this reprieve and the two steps forwards motion of June is yours or the taking. July will be calling you to attention as the eclipses arrive in our skies.  Your ruler Venus moves from Taurus to Gemini on the 9th of June and your silver tongue is turbo charged with charm, what will you do with this gift?


The New Moon on the 3rd falls in your favourite section of the chart, the 8th house.  The space of sex, the occult, joint finances, depth and transformation.  What do you want to manifest?  The Gemini new moon taps into your sharp mind and challenges you to locate your articulate nature that you might not always work with (actions speak louder than words for the Scorpion).  Think big and consider your finances, commitment, depth and harnessing your intuitive skills.  Venus will be in your relationship sector until the 9th so some wining and dining could be on the cards.   However, in general, relationships *could* still be shifting- especially those of you who have Scorpio rising from 2 – 6 degrees or for those of you born in October. Any anxieties around freedom and identity will not last for ever so non-reversible decisions are to be avoided!  However, you can certainly add some spice to your life, by cutting back on restriction and focusing on things that fascinate.

With Mercury and Mars in your 9th house, your mind might be on the future and on the 14th you might be wondering how you can entirely transform your current existence.  Emotions may rumble and overflow in the lead up to the Full Moon on the 17th but as the Sun continues to traverse your 8th house, expression, communication and a rational approach is available.  


When the Sun is in Gemini the light is on your relationships but with Jupiter still languishing in your first house this is a time of MAXIMUM ACTIVITY!  When the New Moon falls in your relationship zone it’s a great time to focus on what you want in a relationship, write that love letter to the universe and make sure you actually know what you want from your relationships.  Sometimes we think we want something but when it comes down to it… do we actually? 

Venus arrives in your relationship sector on the 9th of June and providing yet another opportunity to enjoy some quality time one-on-one time with the most special people in your life.  This could also indicate some fruitful professional partnerships.  The Full Moon on the 17th is in your sign, yet another opportunity to celebrate however a word of caution is to not overdo it and to take very very deep breaths around family members who trigger emotional responses.  Mars in Cancer trine to Neptune is loving but also sensitive and at high octane events surrounding the Full Moon, we might experience overwhelm.

When the Sun moves into Cancer at Solstice (joining Mars and Mercury) the focus shifts from relationships to your deep emotional and financial investments; the areas of life you are bound to another. It would be wise to watch any overspending in June because the eclipses next month will be triggering your financial sector and any holes in buckets could start to leak.


The South Node passing through your sign for the whole of 2019 in combination with Saturn and Pluto has you restructuring your entire (professional) life.  Pluto transits are the big cheese and anyone with their birthday from around the 8th to 15th of January will not need to be told that fact more than once!  With the New Moon in your area of work and daily routines you have a great opportunity to explore what is working for you and shuffle your daily routines into a more efficient and organised arrangement. 

Neptune, stationary in the sky, is in your third house of communications and is linking up with planets in your partner sign Cancer, encouraging you to listen to your heart and what feels right.  The 21st century office job understands that we human; tired, emotional, hormonal, empathetic and intuitive.  Living in the past and working like a machine to override the higher needs of our soul is a goner, or will be soon!  Upgrade your standards.  Mercury moves through Cancer and reaches the shadow zone of next month’s retrograde on the 20th, give relationships some space.  The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 17th is on your spiritual and private sector, dreams and feelings could be strong now and it s a great time to observe them.


Communicative Gemini is on of you best pals, you can talk ideas for days!  The New Moon in Gemini in the fun section of your chart is asking you to get creative with your ideas and enjoy them, perhaps even turn your hobby into a financial revenue stream?  Mars is in the work section of your chart this month so you could be extra busy and feeling extra motivated.  Perhaps you have taken up a new hobby and are running or have taken up a testosterone fuelled sport?  Either way, this is a great time to energise your daily routine and the 14th offers an opportunity to convert your creative ideas into something that could enhance your reputation either generally or at work. 

The Full Moon is in your favourite 11th house and on the 16th of June we have the monthly Moon Jupiter conjunction, another great day for building connections and enjoying yourself, a word of caution applies to not overdoing it!   On the 27th of June Mercury will already be in his shadow phase and will be reluctantly entering your relationship zone; as much as you might not like talking about relationships and what you really want, this is a great time to review your current partnerships and address any imbalances.


Pisces what a month for you as so much fellow watery Cancer energy sits in your 5th house of fun and creativity.  The New Moon on the 3rd asks you to focus on your home and what makes you feel connected and rooted.  This lunation forms an aspect to your ruler, Neptune and is insistent that you connect with what feels right.  Neptune is about to turn retrograde on the 21st of June and is royally slow at the moment, this makes him powerful. Close your eyes and step into the unknown, this should be your forte and feel natural.  Creative writing, painting or any form of expression that is fuelled by your imagination and insight should be firing on all cylinders now. Whatever and whoever is your muse, do not ignore her for inspiration is ready to land! 

The Full Moon on the 17th of the month just reiterates this fact as Jupiter in the 10th house AKA your career zone and legacy is encouraging you to go big. However, let’s not forget that lots of planets are retrograde so there is no need to hurry, spend this time stretching yourself but know that there is plenty of time to tweak. STARTING is the important part. The 21st to the 27th of June look like they could be rich with transformations and growth as Mercury and Mars meet the great task masters Saturn and Pluto in your 11th house. If procrastination, FOMO and time management holds you back then find an authority figure (or bit of software) who will stand firm and make sure you to start working on the things you love.


The New Moon this month is in your communication sector, time to focus on what you say, how you say it, what you think and why you think it. At the moment of the New Moon, Mercury will be un-aspected. Unaspected planets are not talking to the rest of the horoscope and this leaves them powerful but rogue (they can be “completely on” or “completely off”) combine this with the fact that Mercury is in very changeable Gemini, and there is the potential to reprogram some of our thinking. This applies to everyone but especially anyone who has this lunation in their third house. Thoughts become things and this is a clean slate, enjoy it! The following day Mercury changes signs and moves into Cancer, creating a fresh, intuitive and gentle way of thinking about things.

Venus who has been in Taurus and hopefully helping you to focus on your worth, will move into Gemini on the 9th and again add a touch of charm, ease and ability to your communication style, supporting you to work on the dreams you manifest at the New Moon. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 17th is asking you to really focus on where you want to go, the trips you would like to take and everything you want to learn. With Jupiter also at home in his sign, adventure beckons and opportunities are ripe, however as Jupiter is retrograde you may still be in planning phase. If you’re in doubt, hold your horses and wait till August when you will know more. As with Libra, those of you born from the 9th to the 18th might be feeling like you are experiencing a major reboot at the moment. Affirmations and mantras will be great under all this Gemini energy, “I am getting stronger every day.” You are and don’t forget it.


Money! Taurus loves cash in the bank, security and to know when their next meal is coming.  The New Moon on the 3rd of June is in your finance section, a great time to rethink your cash situation and focus on how you will create new opportunities to feel financially secure.  The call to invest or consider one’s pension / future is also humming in the background now, so some creative longterm financial planning that also considers those you share your life with is ripe for the 3rd.  Venus remains in Taurus until the 9th of June, soaking up those last few days of enjoyment and great food, perhaps a little romance and “courting?” As you probably already know, Uranus is in Taurus and will be for the next 7 years so a few of you could be experiencing some new found freedom and enjoying every second of it.

 With Mercury and Mars in your communication zone from the 6th you could enjoy some excellent conversations with your friends, siblings or neighbours.  Perhaps get together for a meal?  The 14th looks like a wonderful day for romance or spending time with someone you care about deeply.  I will be very interested to see what the weather is like on the 14th as these trines can bring about some glorious sunshine or major rainfall. Either way, it’s a wonderful night for a moon-dance…  

FINISHED!! Yesssss. It’s a good job I have so much Capricorn energy because writing these scopes is LONG. SO LONG I TELL YOU.

Please do forward my blog posts but all this is copyright so don’t just share it on da gram without crediting and if you want to send me money or gifts or book in for a reading… then please feel free!

I REALLY HOPE THIS IS USEFUL and will be proofreading again in the morning… if you see any errors do let me know at hello@francescaoddie.com.

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