I am aware that I have been going off on a tangent (as usual) and that I first need to cover the basics, so my next few blog posts are going to be clear explanations of BASIC astrology.  Again, this is all my info, writing freely, before studying astrology… just using what I have picked up after years of being an astrology addict and observing people.

Our SUN SIGN is what we all know as our star sign, it is our birth sign.  There are 12 signs of the zodiac, the first one is Aries (that’s why they are pushy leaders).  Aries arrives at the end of March with the Spring Equinox i.e. when we change the clocks.

The signs are split into various categories.  I love the categories, they are almost tangible, when you meet someone you can try to pinpoint them: Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius (it’s not a water sign, despite its name!)

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

As a rule the fire signs are direct, bossy, ‘fiery’, warm, open, impulsive and have quite bad tempers.  They are brave, bold and they try things, they are doers.

The earth signs are steady, level, balanced, calm and maybe a little lazy and dour.  They are good organisers, very practical and ‘earthy.’

Air signs talk all the time.  They are chatty communicators, interested in lots of things, they see opposing points of view and can argue a case all night long.  They can also be quite unreliable and flaky.  They are ‘air heads’.

Water signs are emotional.  So exceptionally emotional and so endlessly useless at communicating the way they feel until they are on the edge.  They are dreamy, creative, sensitive and intuitive.

This is a basic outline of the categories… and naturally doesn’t fit everyone as the rest of the chart will interact.  We all know people who simply do not relate to their sun sign.  A meek cancer child who flies off the handle… probably has a Leo ascendant; more on that another day.  Today I am looking at the sun signs of the zodiac.

The signs according to Frank:


Aries are exceptionally direct and bold.  If you are chatting to someone who treats you like they have known you forever with a very strong character, they are possibly an Aries.  Great in business, they are lovers of travel and spontaneity and they are not always faithful partners, very impulsive characters, you see.  They are good fun, optimistic, adventurous, controlling, dominating and fairly bad tempered.


Taurus are stubborn, everyone knows that! They can be coerced with gentle encouragement to enjoy sensuous activities.  They love luxury, soft materials, comfort, home, relaxing, great food, being pampered.  Taurus is earthy, they love to work in the garden, they love nature, health; food and exercise are important to Taurus.  They are fixed, they hate change, they are loyal and love their friends and family.


Two-faced, so they say.  Actually, Gemini have 1000 faces, they mirror what you want to see, they become what you need, they charm you, they are your friend… until one day you are a threat, or you annoy them… then they stab you in the back using what they know about you.  Naturally, not all your Gemini friends will do this some are simply blessed with wit and a superior intellect and will be your best friend for life.  However, watch out, these jealous creatures are prone to changing.  It’s what they do.  They always see the other side of the argument, they love to argue and prove how clever they are.  Intelligent, independent, travellers, blessed with charm, grace and an abundance of talents.  They are also very nervous and suffer with mental health.  Gemini Genius – always on the brink, outstanding, but sometimes a danger to themselves and others. (I’m rising Gemini so I can say this!)


Maternal, paternal, over sensitive, touchy, kind, selfless, loony, dramatic, unpredictable, home loving creatures.  Cancerians ebb and flow with the moon.  They are warm and funny, then they are cold and isolated, then they are optimistic, then they are pessimistic.  They are the moods within all of us times ten.  The biggest problem they face is their reluctance to communicate properly until it is too late, until they are on the edge a meltdown.  They are forever peacekeeping but sometimes get lost and feel quite alone. I find Cancer men to be quite controlling, rigid, bossy and excessively moody, but also they are caring, generous, helpful and sensitive.  Cancer is ruled by the left, your left handed friend may have a cancer sun or ascendant, but that’s only about 70% of the time.


Leo the lion is beautiful, strong, wise intelligent and can’t you just hear him roar?  The lion wants attention, they don’t want to listen to you, they are beautiful, charming, intelligent and want us all to know it.  Generally successful, well liked, attractive with a well-developed sense of humour.  They are hard workers and open with their lives and love.  They are a touch arrogant and can be quite self-important, which makes them annoying.  Particularly as they are sometimes over-confident and take over when they are ill-equipped to take the lead.  Kind, first to react and generous, they are good friends.  However, they love to be in control.


For years I couldn’t work out the Virgo because I knew too many I couldn’t see a pattern.  Half my family and friends are Virgos and it wasn’t until last year that I worked them out… Nervous, quietly interested, good fun, focussed at work, orderly, neat, prone to skin conditions like eczema in their youth.  They are generally balanced except for when anxiety and worry is taking them over.  Virgos are materialistic, they love designer brands and extravagant hotels, they value quality over quantity… but sometimes both! They are good with their money, frugal to their core.  Good fun, attractive but generally quite bad communicators, it’s not that they are reluctant to open up, they simply are not interested… they are quite factual and not always emotional.


Balanced Libra are great conversationalists, interested, good listeners, eloquent speakers but not dominating.  They will always present you with a balanced argument.  Sometimes a little too balanced, you will want them to GET OFF THE FENCE, or perhaps you will want them to stop always giving you the other side of the story.  Mainly, they are charming, easy-going, helpful, tidy, non-judgemental types.  They supposedly suffer with indecisiveness, though I’ve not really seen it.  For me, they suffer with a lack of opinion more than an inability to take action.  Steady folk in general but they can bend the truth a little to keep the peace.


As I have already mentioned I am an expert in the Scorpio Ascendent.  What I am not an expert in is the scorpion sun sign.  There are similarities, they eyes that look right through you, the calm that vibrates with thinly veiled energy and impatience. Intellect, charm, wit, beauty, alluring attractiveness, spiteful, cutting,  aloof, evasive, confusing but sometimes they are simply loveliness itself.  Usually they are very popular, even if they remain to be a bit of an enigma.  Scorpios are often very successful, they travel, often emigrate and generate wealth for their families… watch out though, don’t cross them, they can get quite angry and of course, they sting.


Your Sagittarian friend is warm, bubbly, and fun like a little puppy.  They probably have a puppy as they love animals.  They are optimistic, philosophical and see the best in everything unless they are hungry or annoyed in which case they get really angry… but then they get over it again quite quickly.  Their blind faith in everything can cause them problems that they don’t appear to learn from.  They are clumsy, physically and if not, verbally.  They say everything as they see it and their optimism prevents them from seeing any damage they cause, however, they cause it all the time.  Simply stating the thing that everyone else in the room was avoiding, oblivious to the repercussions!


Capricorns lighten up as they get older.  They are hard workers, their lives are about work, achieving, being focussed, staying at home, spotting risks, feeling pessimistic, working, working, working….  However, as they get older they enjoy the simple things in life and relax, reaping the rewards of their misspent youth!


Aquarians are wonderful fun, interesting people to be around until they go into robot mode.  They only understand black and white, if it doesn’t make sense to them, it is ignored.  They have one foot in the present and another in a parallel universe 100 years in the future.  They are universal thinkers, they care about progression, change, development and are ultimately humanitarians.  They fail to look at details, they do not follow rules, and they are rebels, great leaders and terrible managers.  They are inconsistent dreamers.  They are fun, creative, with crazy humour, thinkers and communicators with a tendency to move off into Piscean dreams.


Pisces is not a sign I know well.  I have only a handful of Pisces people in my life, the thing lots of them have in common is big Pisces fish eyes, big, shining eyes.  They glide through life, they are calm, dreamy but they fantasise and make believe.  As the final sign of the zodiac they observe, they are wise, dreamy, calm and a little detached…but they are highly developed.  As the opposite of Virgo, they ease anxiety, allow for other people’s regularity and encourage fantasy and communication.  As a water sign they are sensitive, intuitive and make great friends.

What a long post!  I’ve probably said too much, as a Sagittarian, I am candid and blunt… but I hope you see that we all have our strengths and defects.
Understanding each other is a step towards harmony.

More soon,

Thanks again,

Frank x