In the early hours of Tuesday Morning we have a Full Moon in Pisces closely tied with Neptune, God of the seas who constantly moves to erode our shores.

Taking more and more and never knowing when to stop!

“Boundary issues” is most certainly a Pisces theme, as the nature of this energy means they do not know where you begin and I end.

This is a theme for everyone who clings to another, over identifies with another and doesn’t know how to separate their identity and embody a healthy ego.

With the Sun in Virgo, very close to Mars in Libra, our frustration at not being able to assert ourself could be felt.

The question is, how do we transcend this trap?

Pisces is very #spiritual. Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter is the archetypal Pisces. She had the ability to see dead creatures because she knew death and loss, but she was always calm.

To ride the Pisces waves is to understand the broader context, to feel and know our place in the universe according to divine laws.  This Full Moon with Neptune encourages us to transcend the earthly trappings and take a big step back into outer space and look at the earth from a distance. (Sorry flat earthers!) When we look at the universe, all the planets and stars, we can sigh in relief. All the NOISE of the humans on earth trying to control, pervert and boast about their achievements is meaningless. The achievements are man made and whilst laudable, they are finite.

Pisces is concerned with the infinite.

Your soul that transcends time and space and remembers lovers (and haters!) from past-lives 2000 years ago.

Pisces wants yoga and love.

Sanskrit, literally ‘union’

That’s the best bit of Pisces, the worst bit is the DESPAIR felt at being homesick, so far away from the bliss felt in the womb. Pisces untethered and far from God cannot cope with all the feels, it drinks, takes drugs and cries at the unfairness of it all. It feels sorry for itself and crumbles.

I imagine this Full Moon will take us all in both directions. We will see this play out as everyone lost suffers at the emptiness they feel inside.

The Pisces cliche is an arts student who takes too many drugs and suffers with depression but then finds something “bigger than them” and becomes a meditating, vegan, charity worker.

I’m being glib on purpose. These sweeping statements and cliches are designed to help you understand. Everyone of us is far more than a cliche can ever articulate… but yet cliches live for a reason and that’s because they contain an element of truth that we all recognise; whether we like it or not.

Let’s call it “an archetype” – anyone who talks about archetypes is #spiritual by default. ?

So as the emotions bubble this weekend, the question is; what grounds you and also, what is the Full Moon revealing to you?

This is not the time to project your pain onto those around you. Full Moons are a mirror, so take this time to look in the mirror and thank the Full Moon for the reflection you see.

It’s just another lesson and every day is an opportunity to heal what’s dormant in you and return to the bliss and joy that is felt when we are at peace with ourselves and nature, AKA the universe.