Hello  friends!

I have many ideas for blog posts – many many.  I have them listed in my diary, all things I want to write about and share but with the ever pressing inbox and clients to see I’m not getting round to do it (AND INSTAGRAM) that changes here.  I’m about to go to bed but my “Saturn” book is sitting next to me; and with Mars in Libra applying a square to Saturn in the sky my very saturnine nature is getting on with the task in hand (at full speed, because Mars.)

I need to briefly talk about eclipses and how USEFUL they are in predictive astrology.

In simple terms, here is how it works.

An eclipse happens at the full moon or new moon when the orbits of the sun, moon and earth are aligned in such a way that either the sun blocks out the moon’s light (lunar eclipse = full moon) or the moon blocks out the sun’s light (solar eclipse  = new moon.)

When an eclipse takes place it’s a major reset, like pulling the router out of the wall.  When you plug it back in the internet will either be clear and strong and better than ever, or you’ll discover that the router is totally dead, gone, game over.

That’s useful.

Then, whenever a transiting planet reaches the same degree in the sky where the eclipse takes place you will see manifestations, experience some of the themes described by the planet, sign and house in your horoscope.  (I’m aware that might be TMI, but roll with me.)

For instance; on the 7th of August 2017 there was an eclipse at 15 degrees of Aquarius, a lunar eclipse.  I have Mars at 15 Aquarius, so double whammy, this was an eclipse to my natal Mars.  This can indicate lots of things and one of the things it speaks about is the impulsivity that precedes accidents.  Several months later, about this time last year in October 2018, both transiting Mars and the Moon are in Aquarius at 15 degrees… I get really emotional and angry about something unkind someone said to me and I decide to go for a run and promptly run over a branch that I presume a dog had left as a trap and twist my ankle very badly!

Aquarius is associated with ankles, the moon emotions, mars anger and accidents.  Crystal clear.

Now you would think I would’ve taken more care, but I was too in my head (air signs, Aquarius, thinking brain on overdrive) and I was out of action for months.  Very very very annoying.  No walks, no yoga, no heels at Christmas parties. However, I was SHATTERED and my body q. enjoyed doing nothing.  Every cloud…

This brings me to January 6 2019 and the turbo charged eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn (close to both Saturn and Pluto.) The most turbo charged eclipse of the year!

An eclipse that helped us to shed so many old stories whilst activating our most ambitious and serious goals. 

Transiting Saturn has passed over this 15 degree point twice this year (5th Feb and 5th August) already and he going to reach there again on Monday 28th (where there is also a New Moon opposition Uranus!) 

If you have planets at 15 Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries this will be extra interesting for you.  If not, then something is manifesting or ending, quite viscerally.  If you’re not fully conscious of what this might be then this is your chance to reflect on February and….. also look at your chart to see which house was activated and which area of life you can zoom in on.

The houses of the zodiac and the areas of the life they describe are in very loose terms:

  • 1st – the “self”, one’s identity and appearance.  How we approach the world.
  • 2nd – money, possessions and values.
  • 3rd – communication, siblings and early learning style. Writing, thinking and understanding.
  • 4th – Our home, roots and family.  Where we live and where we come from.
  • 5th – FUN! Creativity, love affairs, children and recreation.  Hobbies and performance.
  • 6th – Work, diet, routine, pets and day to day activity.
  • 7th – Partnerships, relationships, where we project onto other people. “The other.”
  • 8th – Sex, death and other people’s money! Intimacy and the things that bind us together.
  • 9th – Publishing, travel, philosophy, beliefs and ideas.  
  • 10th – Career, legacy, status and where we are aiming to reach in life.
  • 11th – Friends, groups, humanitarian ideals.
  • 12th – The subconscious, solitude, karma and a connection to something vast and beyond.

Astrologers have lots of different systems for calculating houses, and none of us REALLY know which house system is the one.  We use different house systems for different needs.  Writing horoscopes is different to performing an honorary calculation.  Again, it’s not something you necessarily need to know. 

It has been so interesting for me to track the motion of Saturn this year and by mid-February I realised that this eclipse, in Saturn ruled Capricorn has been so solid in it’s manifestations that we should all use this 3rd hit to focus and work out what the story has been this year. 

Rachel Wellford and I were going to have a vision board and gong bath event but there hasn’t been time. So my suggestion for you between now and Tuesday is to create a new vision board and ponder what this eclipse thread has meant for you? (February, August and now.)

I actually am going to hit Instagram Life on Tuesday evening at 8.30pm GMT so we can all get together and talk Saturn.

I will discuss:

  • Who is Saturn in myth.
  • Saturn and Capricorn.
  • The Saturn Return.
  • Saturn Return in Capricorn, the 90s kids!
  • Why Saturn is alchemical fuel.
  • How to observe your life and see what Saturn wants you to see.

I’m going to keep it to about 30 mins and then maybe have a few questions.

A note on the New Moon at 4 degrees of Scorpio opposite Uranus at 4 degrees of Taurus! This moon opposite Uranus spells shocks and about-turns.  Where a change of direction is delivered in a matter of moments.  With lucky Jupiter sitting alone in the sky we can hope for the best whilst adopting an adaptable approach that doesn’t get too fixed on set ideas.

This is an emotional new moon that could leave us feeling provoked or provocative! Particularly if you have a birthday around 28th October, 24th Jan, 25th April or 26th July.

This is an intense day of astrology. Saturn reaching the eclipse point from January 2019, things are getting REAL. With Uranus opposing the New Moon, there could be a shock and the rug could be pulled from under our feet. This applies both globally and personally and the headlines will reflect the themes of the day on both Monday the 28th and Tuesday 29th.

Talk to you on Tuesday!

Francesca x