It’s been nearly a year since I started this little blog! How time flies!

I feel that it’s time again to share the wonders of Neal’s Yard!  I count many friends as converts and I know that most of you have loved what you have tried.  I’m going to list my favourite products with a little bit of info and feedback from my pals.

1. Wild Rose Beauty Balm


A MARVELOUS – simply STUNNING product!

Sometimes I think to myself that my skin has just simply improved and I could try other things.  This weekend, for instance, I was in Covent Garden happily enjoying the Seven Dials shopping event and I wandered into Benefit to get more Ho0la… when I was offered a complimentary makeover!  Seeing as I hadn’t bothered with any makeup I let them crack on.  The primer made my skin soft but it felt ANNOYING.  You know that feeling where your skin is asking you to take your makeup off?  Like wearing a wool dress in Spring when the weather has tricked you and you can’t wait to get home and in the shower!

WELL – it all looked quite nice and the mascara (They’re Real) was amazing… but after a few hours my sensitive skin was annoyed with me so I washed it off on Saturday evening, already knowing that it was too late.  On Sunday I had two enormous spots on my jaw and the texture of my skin was dry and irritated.  So I smothered it in WRBB and by Monday morning it was smooth again.

Not only does it bring general balance and smoothness – it cures you from dodgy makeup that your skin isn’t used to and from DISCO SPOTS.  Too many jager bombs?  Whack on the WRBB before bed and NO ONE WILL KNOW (except your eyes might give it away) WEAR SHADES!

2. Yarrow and Comfrey Moisturiser


Again, speaking as someone with temperamental sensitive skin this cream is the perfect moisturising solution.  Calming, soothing, hydrating.  When your skin feels dry it is actually asking you for this cream, no others, this is the only one my skin likes, I spent 7 years searching!  It smells a bit earthy but I add 10 drops of lavender oil to mine (to help with the antiseptic / spot killing properties) and it smells LOVELY.

3. Frankinsense Toner

Lots of my friends don’t bother with toner but I think it’s fantastic and you will be amazed at how much makeup comes off even after you have showered.  Dampen your cotton wool and run this over your face for pure freshness and cleanliness.  It is really great at taking off that last little bit of eye make up that cleanser fails to move.  Also, this one smells delicious.

4. Honey and Orange Scrub

honey and orange

The best thing about this is that it really SCRUBS!  So many scrubs have chemically bits of white fake sand that vaguely scratch your skin but have washed away before you’ve had a good chance to feel the effects!  This is sticky and full of brilliant honey (I sometimes use honey as a face mask as it moisturises and balances) but this also has clay to lift out dirt.  Use if when you feel grubby (like I did on Saturday after all the primer!)

5. Beauty Oil


For some reason I’m annoyingly lazy with my use of beauty oil.  As soon as I use it my hair is thicker and shinier.  I notice the thickness when I’m washing my hair and it is somehow more difficult as it  gets so thick! My nails stop snapping, my skin glows.  It is wonderful.  Drink it with a shot of juice and don’t run out of juice!!  Do it everyday!

6. Frankincense Intense


Amazing results, fine line smoothing, wrinkle reducing, radiant, glowing… you name it, this does it.  Cheaper that Clarins and much more effective.  I’m not using it yet as I’m still suffering from teenage skin, however, the results are in and they are great!

7. Argan Oil

Smother your hair in argan oil before you shower, or overnight, or before a burst of exercise and then wash your hair.  I promise that after a day it won’t need washing… it somehow stays cleaner for longer.  I usually wash my hair everyday but after soaking in oil you won’t need to!

I know that I shouldn’t wash it everyday but I LOVE to feel clean!

8. The Beauty Sleep Collection

WHAT A SCENT! I have the lotion by my bed and the concentrate in my handbag as an emergency moisturiser.  (The award winning skincare kit is brilliant for testing some of the best products, £20 and great for your handbag.  White tea facial mist is a lovely treat especially when you have done your makeup but your skin has decided to be dry!  Soothe it with a quick spritz.) The body butter is pure luxury too.

9. Detox and Night Time Tea


I can’t pick between my teas.  Detox tea is DELICIOUS.  I’ve tried nettle, I’ve tried all the Twinnings and Sainsbury’s selections… this tea is the Monmouth of the tea world.  Smooth, easy to drink and seems to have actual effects on the way you feel and look.  Detox tea really helps when you are hungover and feeling gross.  Nighttime tea really is relaxing.  It may be in the mind as all the skeptics say… however, it is lovely and it works.

10. I suppose I should have 10.  It’s tradition….  I would pick Coconut Oil, Candles or Rose Eye Cream.


I’ll go with coconut oil because it’s so versatile.  Use in cooking, as a moisturiser.  I have a scar on my leg from where I had a dermatofibroma removed and I’m massaging it in to reduce the look of the scar (also using argan oil and wild rose beauty balm as it has rosehip which helps remove scars… another reason that WRBB is great for acne sufferers although don’t use it too soon as Rosehip can cause skin to flare up.)

Put the oil in your hair, swoosh it around your mouth for ten minutes as a treatment to improve teeth and general health if the ayurvedics are to be believed, rub it in your skin, cook with it… It’s a GOOD ALL ROUNDER!

Et voila!

That’s my top of the pops.

Everyone who has tried the products has LOVED them and I love that!  Health and balance for all! Yeaaahaaaa!  I have to hold myself back from forcing the wonder of oils on anyone I think would benefit.

You can get everything here or you can let me know if you would like a sample.

Award Winning SkinCare Kit – CLICK HERE!

The next step is for me to make everyone understand the wonder of astrology and how such knowledge can bring balance, understanding and clarity to your life!  Haha! I think that will take longer!



Frank x