I’ve mentioned my love of the planet Uranus many times but never written a full piece on my favourite.

Uranus is BRIGHT BLUE, electric blue.  My favourite colour.  The planet governs Aquarius and all things quirky, individual, eccentric, honest, outspoken, unpredictable, freedom loving, creative, ingenious and insane.  Uranus is the mad scientist, the scatty professor and the loveable lunatic.   Quite emotionless… or at least totally incapable of expressing emotion.  Uranian people are caught  up in a world of futuristic ideas, the bigger picture and higher principals.  Uranus is a humanitarian and strives for equality and fairness.  Uranus symbolises speaking out for the voiceless, but still remains generally uncommitted to individuals.  Loyal to all, loyal to none.  Paradoxical like Aquarius, the sign it rules.

Uranian people see things differently (that’s an understatement)  unsurprisingly, Uranus rules astrology.  The planet is an outsider, Uranian people are often rejected by most for being too strange.  The purpose of Uranus is to invite change.  The cut away what is old, past and redundant and make people see the new way.  However, due to the fact that Uranus is so bizairre, they can receive a large amount of rejection and criticizm.   Perhaps this is why they seem sometimes cold and detached, they have to be to be able to function.

I am strongly Uranian.  I have a Sun Uranus conjunction.  My ego which is Sagittarian in nature (also freedom loving, honest etc…) is additionally honest, frank and outspoken because I have this Uranus aspect at 14 degrees Sagittarius.  Uranus also aspects my Mars and Venus.

My first memory of Holly is in the classroom in 1992, sitting in 1F and I remember seeing her looking all confident thinking she was cool on a table with 5 other girls.  However, she had been dressed in a massive headband that made the tops of her ears stick out.  Not so cool.

My parents moved house a few months later and we moved a mile from Holl so we became bus pals.  I was a shy little spastic and she thought she was cool.  Somehow we became friends anyway.  It seems we had things in common, a talent for gymnastics was one of them!

It seemed that Holl’s home life was very different to mine.  Her parents divorced when she was 3 whereas I had a baby sister and a very steady mother figure (Taurus moon.)  I remember Holl being at my house when we were about 12 and she said in all her naive frankness “I always thought you had everything, but now I see that your family are difficult too.”  Hahahahah!  I think Dad was having a fairly insane argument with a hosepipe at this point.

In astrology the sun describes the father and the moon describes the mother.  I have a Sun Uranus conjunction and Holl has the same Moon Uranus conjunction at 13 degrees Sagittarius.  Her Mum is like My Dad; her emotional and home life is like my ego and personality.  As women, we are quite like our moons (the energy isn’t distinct, it blends) this shared aspect makes us quite similar.  My Dad and her Mum are more than a little unconventional, but they make people laugh even if not everyone appreciates their qualities!

I only started to learn about charts a couple of years ago… but my knowledge of this Uranus aspect has come from a lifetime of observation and our similarities can be described will with this shared aspect.

Last month we had a new moon in Aries, conjunct Uranus on the 7th of April.  Holly was due to have a baby on the 3rd but bearing in mind everything I have just written… it felt obvious to me that this little baby would share her mother’s Moon Uranus conjunction.  Holly felt she was carrying a girl “because I’m quite like my Mum and I’m carrying it like my Mum carried me!”   Also, so far, as my friends have babies I’ve seen that aspects tend to repeat more than signs.  For instance, I am Sun conjunct Uranus but my Dad has Sun opposite Uranus. His birthday is the 26th of January and Holly’s Mum’s birthday is the 26th of July (exact opposites.) Holly’s mum has her Sun conjunct Uranus and as the Moon represents the mother; Holly’s Moon is conjunct Uranus (reflecting her Mum’s personality).

The madness is more than genetic!

Drawing on this pattern of opposites and my love of numbers… Florence’s Granny McDonald has her birthday on the 7th of October… another factor that made me think Florence would be born on the 7th of April (exact opposites.)  In astrology, as with everything, opposites have lots in common.  We say they are “different sides of the same coin.”  You know the old adage that Love and Hate are not opposites… well they are, but they have so much in common everything that is in-between; indifference, apathy, disinterest they have much less in common.

For about 18 hours each month we have a Moon Uranus conjunction… and well baby Flo was surely going to share her Mum’s outspoken, unpredictable, funny ways.  A double Aries with Mars in Sagittarius all making aspects to Uranus… well!  I doubt any of little Florence’s friends will go to her if they don’t want to hear the truth!

She is the embodiment of some of my favourite energies, including the enigmatic Scorpion ascendent.   We are all enchanted to meet you little Florence and can’t wait to watch you grow (and lay down the law!)

March on little trailblazer.

Uranus excites everything it touches, it imbues it with creativity and a fierce independence.  The love of and need for freedom is paramount.

It’s crazy, but it’s wonderful and it’s my favourite.