The Celestine Prophecy


I’ve got to write about this book, even briefly!! It is really badly written but the message is fantastic.  NUGGETS OF WISDOM.  I think it starts well and fades into desperate prose where 50% of sentences start with, “suddenly!” 

Personally, I love it because what is written is what I have discovered for myself over the past few years! 

Let me summarise and i’ll try not to ruin the story!

The story is about understanding human life, our place in history and the direction of humanity in the future.

The most interesting part of this is how we relate to one another.  It explores the energy exchange we feel but don’t usually acknowledge.  We all know when we have been with someone who makes us feel good, we all know the feeling of having a conversation with someone but coming away feeling totally drained.  The book describes these interactions.

I have personally become very aware of how people make me feel and when you become sensitive to destructive exchanges, you manage them better!  You mange yourself, remove yourself and learn how to recharge yourself!

The book goes on to explain that this energy is influenced by what we eat, how we interact, how we treat strangers and how we treat children.

One of the main reasons I went veggie is because I don’t want to eat the fear of the animal.  I don’t want to eat the animal either!  However, I understand the reality of the connection.

I keep banging on about this with astrology.  If you take astrology as a concept, it’s the idea that the influence of the universe doesn’t stop at the moon.  There is no boundary, all like on earth is connected and we cannot select a point out there at which the planets stop influencing life on earth.  It is widely accepted that the moon influences us, so it doesn’t stop there!

On the same level, we are affected by air pollution, the quality of the water we drink and the amount of sunlight we absorb.  So too, we are very sensitive to diet.  Sugar, dairy and processed foods affect our body, our brain and our life.  Diabetes is linked to Dementia.   Everything is linked, so naturally, eating meat has more than just a dietary influence, it has a body, mind and soul influence.

I have to admit, I still eat meat when I go home.  Perhaps once a month I eat some chicken but I really appreciate it and that is VERY important.  Not just because it’s important for us to appreciate things, but the properties of our food are influenced by the energy we focus on them!


Look at this the effects of thoughts and words on water:

Also, I’ve treated children like adults and never lie to them, it’s about presenting information in a simple way.  It says if you do that then the children won’t need to behave like a maniac and rebel.  I never felt the need to rebel because I was never treated like a child.  I’ve always wondered what made other people rebel against their parents, particularly my peers. We all had so much, a great education, all the cool stuff we wanted etc… etc… it never made any sense.  Except for the fact that some of my friends were controlled by their parents, they told them how to live and invaded their privacy.  I would most certainly have rebelled against that!

The book discusses how to treat children to BUILD their esteem so that they don’t need to misbehave to gain energy.

The whole book makes sense to the way I live and have lived my life… but then fills in some gaps; which is how we learn… 100% worth a read!

Another interesting reflection is one of my favourite topics; the integration of world religions.  There comes a day where religious people should take a step back and think, “it’s not possible that one of these religions is correct and the rest are incorrect.”  It isn’t possible.  Holy people and spiritual people exist within each religion (and outside of religions too!).  Culture is influential, religion and ritual has HUGE value but the money, power, corruption (human) part of religion is a problem.  When people embody spiritual truths then the ritual of religion will help facilitate our growth and understand our lives.  Whilst corruption persists then good look to us!

I REPEAT, the book is not particularly well written.  However, the wisdom within it makes it well worth a read.

The book also stats that going forwards we are moving to a more spiritual age, which I feel to be true and that people will pay each other for the insights they offer…

On that note!

I leave you 🙂

There is much much much more to come this year!

Big love, 
Frank x x x