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May Horoscopes

Hello Friends and welcome to May, the most glorious month of the year (IMHO.)  The first half of May is charged with the

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A Little Bit of Knowledge

A strange thing is happening. It started out as VERY exciting, when Astrology became a trend but now suddenly everyone is an

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The Astrology of Left-Handedness

Left Handedness, Astrology and Water  Here is an article I wrote for Celestial Vibes Magazine in November, sharing it here with Ashwin's

The Astrology of Left-Handedness2022-08-24T10:29:26+00:00

April Horoscopes

Hello Spring! April is a month of two halves.  Intensity is a key word for 2019 and even more so for 2020.

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March Horoscopes

Pisces Lovely Pisces this is an incredible month for you to tap into your most creative depths.  The New Moon in your

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New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces: GMT 16.04 6th March EST - 11.04 6th March PST - 8.04am 6th March “To make the right

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Astrology and Love

There a few questions that people ask me when they find out I’m an astrologer and the main two are these: so

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