Each year there are 13 Full Moons so one month of every year contains two.  This year it is October and the second Full Moon falls on Halloween; the so called Blue Moon!  

Sadly it won’t actually look blue!

The reason this Full Moon is remarkable is because it is conjunct the planet Uranus and falls on Halloween. 

2020 has been a year full of notable astrology; we had a Solar Eclipse at Summer Solstice, six eclipses this year instead of the average of four and on Winter Solstice the planets Jupiter and Saturn will meet in the sky.

Halloween falls whilst the Sun is in Scorpio, a sign associated with mystery, transformation, death and rebirth. It is said that “the veil is thinner” at Halloween meaning that the distance between this world and the world of spirit is shortened. Our ancestors come closer to the earthy physical plane and on the 1st of November the world celebrates “The Day of The Dead” and All Saints Day. 

Remembrance day falls on the 11th of November as Scorpio Season pertains to connecting to our past and ever-present souls who never really leave us.

A Full Moon at Halloween illuminates the sky, literally we can see more and so we will be able to perceive mystery, secrecy and surprise even more than usual.

Trick or Treat?

What will it be? Uranus the planet of shocks, changes and surprise is often dubbed as “an astrologers worst nightmare” because you never can know what he’ll be up to. Conjunct the exalted Moon who absolutely loves her sojourn through hedonistic Taurus what will it be? Do you dare try one of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans? It might be delicious… it might be a trick!

For those of you who love a little risk and excitement, this Full Moon could see you fly high into the sky with joy, for others we are going to be shocked to our core by the maliciousness of others.  The key to coping is detachment and looking back with humour at the perverse insanity of nature.


Does your self esteem come from others or is it a product of your diligence, determination and hard work? You could feel great about yourself today provided that you know to ignore any jokers in the pack who are provoking you with the goal of you exploding in temper.


Famously calm and pleasant, yet stubborn, Taurus knows not to be ruffled by the drama of others, usually. At this Full Moon you might click your usually heavy hooves together and hop foot it to a dance floor, though you might lose that almighty temper we hear rumours about… others better get out the way.


It’s usually your thinking mind that races at 1000mph and at this Full Moon you’re even at it in your sleep! Your dreams are working overtime to unpick the stresses and strains October has presented! Inspiration arrives unexpectedly at night. Eat well, meditate, tidy your bedroom and clear the space for clear ideas to land; we don’t want you seeing any ghosts!


Whilst relationships continue to be transformed your friendships, groups, clubs and that place you go to feel nurtured by people outside of family is providing a source of excitement, anxiety or unreliability. Remember to take yourself to the stage and host the party yourself! Make your own rules and have a very Happy Halloween.


Ole! The Bull is in your career zone! Had enough of not being in the limelight? Tonight nothing is going to stop you from dressing up and painting the town red, even if it is in the local supermarket for 10 minutes. If there are any sudden changes at work then you know what to do; return to your inner resources, the inner confidence that is yours and yours alone. It’s your skill and don’t forget it.


It’s true that ideas arrive at random and sometimes when we least expect them, but also there is the reliable chance that sitting down to conduct the research and engaging in the task of communicating what you’ve learnt will bring inspiration to the fore. Alternatively this might be the time to get away see new things and remember that the world is a big place for you to explore.


This Full Moon falls in the sector of your chart associated with secrets, finance and intimacy. (Yes, they fall under the same bracket!) Expect to be surprised by your spouse, or beat them to it!) SURPRISE is the key word for today, treasure is everywhere, keep your eyes peeled!


You like your partners to be loyal and dependable and frequently push their buttons to test they can meet the standard. This Full Moon might see them push back! Alternatively they could treat you to the loveliest weekend you’ve dreamed of. The part you play is in your mindset, was it a trick or was it a treat? Sometimes it’s all about perspective.


Bored of restrictions? The tumult of 2020 affects us all differently, for Sagittarius who loves freedom more than most you might be pulling at the reigns, eager for adventure. There’s more than one way to hit your target and a spontaneous adventure is on the cards for anyone who keeps their eye on the target and is not disheartened by surprises on their path.


The 2020 revolution continues and this is your time to take your place on the top of the leaderboard and relish your achievements.  Your ego may have taken some blows, but resilience is your keyword and you’ve perfected the art of rising to the challenge. Claim it!


Blood is never thicker than water for you! Ideas and a mental connection is what floats your boat, so how best to feel this rapport with the people you live with? Open your mind to meet them at their level once you’ve formed the bond you might be surprised (or shocked) at what they really think. At last, change is on the horizon. Wait just a little longer.


The magic of Pisces is your ability to feel and empathise with those around you. Your skill allows you to empathise but not always articulate how you feel. At this Full Moon the right words might find you and you’ll be flying to another dimension provided you are not shocked into silence!

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