I’m listening to the radio and all I keep hearing is about how Cilla was a lovely, energetic, caring and down to earth character.  How she was exactly the same on camera as off.  How she remembered details about all the people she worked with on Surprise Surprise and Blind Date… her enthusiasm and star quality.

So I had to look her up!

She wanted to be thought of as a singer, but she was a natural presenter.

cilla chart

Veerrryyyyy interesting!

Main things…

  • Gemini sun.  In a post I wrote in May (click to read it) I had to give ideal jobs for each sign  and use examples from famous people / fictional characters.  The Gemini example was that of Davina McCall on Big Brother, the ability to interview people, draw information but not judge.  She connected all people with ease and communicated naturally, fluidly and with natural talent.


  • Her caring and nurturing came from the Cancer ascendant (also known as the rising sign).  Known for appearing maternal, caring, tied to their roots and for having a loony sense of humour.  However, all we are hearing is how she cared about everyone she met, worked with, paired up.  Very ATTACHED and nurturing.
  • The Pisces moon describes MUSIC.  Pisces is ethereal, sensitive and a little removed… it’s an artistic ‘feeling’ that lends people to express themselves through music, cooking, art, poetry etc… hers Trines (has a harmonious 120* angle relationship) Jupiter the planet of luck, opportunity, expansion which was in her FIRST house (in her rising sign)… Jupiter in Cancer.  So her appearance, her rising sign contained her luck and natural talent.  Her persona was connected with her emotion and musical talent.  Her VENUS – her feminine quality is also in her first house in Cancer, so that just emphasizes her emotional and loving persona.


  • Sun conjunct (together at the same degree and angle) Uranus (the freak planet) in Gemini.  INTERESTING for me because I have this… which means she must be 42 years older than me as Gemini is opposite Sagittarius and Uranus takes 84 years to travel around the sun.  There are 360 degrees in a circle and so Sun conjunctions with SLOW moving outer planets occur over about 4 days each year.  I’ll just copy and paste this so that I’m not influencing how I perceive the aspect (i.e. not amending the words so that I sound really cool. Ha!):

It is natural for those born under the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect to question tradition. These are individualists. They naturally rebel against that which is established. It doesn’t mean that they consistently break all the rules, but they definitely do question some of the rules, especially those that simply don’t make much sense to them. These people have a huge distaste for routine. They work best when they have some say as to when and how they get things done. Sun conjunct Uranus people possess much self-integrity. They prefer to answer to no one except themselves. They avoid labeling people and are most offended when others attempt to label or stereotype them. Although progressive, they can be maddeningly stubborn at times. They do enjoy a certain level of excitement in their lives, and they do accept change as exciting, and they do appear to be quite open-minded–yet on a personal level, they can stubbornly stick to their ideas and they will resent anyone who tries to push them into doing something they really don’t want to do.

There is a real HONESTY and authenticity to this aspect.  If something doesn’t ‘feel’ right… it isn’t going to happen. There is a real stubbornness so Sun Uranus… it needs to be FREE to flourish.

  • Cilla had Aquairus on the MC – so her work persona, again was about freedom, honesty and a certain amount of progressive thinking.  I don’t / haven’t heard much about that but there was certainly a sense that she was naturally elevated.  Caring, fun but she certainly had that sense of being above, ahead and detached.

All in all… the chart of a independent and caring, devoted person.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter so it’s all about EXCESS and drugs, emotion, music, art… it’s the artist. Cilla used her Pisces moon to be musical and to connect with people so it didn’t use her and make her a wreck head!  That’s the idea behind these things… use the energy or the energy will use you.  If you have Pisces energy… CREATE or you could be come a “what if” alcoholic…  Cilla is the best level of Pisces energy in action… the intuitive, connecting, caring, singing, independent loveliness that was and is Cilla Black.

What a lovely lady.

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