Ciao Friends,


As I’ve mentioned approx 54357390 times I am going to start blogging more as my LOVE of instagram oft means that I ignore my website.

SPACE is a great thing on here and I love to expand on posts with verbosity and exploration.  Though, I hope to KEEP IT SIMPLE. So this lunation comes to you via bullet points.  I am not a massive fan of long prose so like to keep thinks rapid!


Can I be electric too?⚡️???? FULL MOON incoming. 5.16am ?? Monday 21st // 00.16 Monday 21st ??NYC // 21.16 ?? LA

Full Moon Incoming ⚡️and this Luna is electrifying #youretheonethatiwant ?? so what have we got?

• Eclipse ♌️♋️ = a powerful portal for CHANGE.  As this eclipse is in Leo and all planets are in direct motion… this is the time to MAKE AND CREATE.

• 0 degrees of fixed signs ♌️♒️ – “I just want something that lasts and to feel adored.”

• Uranus Square the nodes (and the Sun and the Moon ⚡️) Love doesn’t have to look conventional. What is conventional anyway?  We all need personal space.  We are all balancing intimacy and solitude (and work and life.)  Also, life and love are not guaranteed.  Seize the moment and welcome bursts of insight.

• Venus almost exactly with Jupiter ?❤️⚡️? “I’ve got so much love to give” (and receive.)

• Mars Square Saturn. (Frustrations released when we focus and build something constructive .)

• As I write the moon is in Gemini but she’s heading for Cancer at the weekend and will be feeling so emotional, nostalgic. Opposing alllll the planets in Capricorn and eventually meeting the North Node, Square to Uranus – what will we REALISE? ⚡️????just before she BLOOMS to fullness at ??‍♀️ 0 leo #yasqueen ?? The Moon in Cancer could indicate some emotionally driven MOODS that feel a little overwhelming but lead to CLARITY as we realise what we need to LET GO OF and release. Be this eternal habits, age old self defeating behaviours that stem from fears and feelings of limitation. Or perhaps or a person where the dynamic is soooooo OUT DATED.

• Use the weekend to soothe yourself, the Moon in Cancer needs #camomile as I learnt when prepping for my Astrological Aromatherapy event.

• It’s a paradoxical time as a FULL MOON is a time of completion but the north node invites us to start something fresh. ?

• Spend the weekend gently so that the Mad, electric, exciting ideas of the Full Moon and all her BALLSY SELF WORTH can be manifested in intention and behaviour. ♌️

• the weather globally is showing us what’s going on here. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

• political is personal – the politics are also showing us what’s going on here!

• expect the unexpected

• she is electric, can I be electric too?


The above is an annotated version of some of the key points to this eclipse that I posted on Instagram.



Eclipses are massive opportunities for “shifts” if you are new to New-Age speak then this word alludes to waking up one morning and feeling different.  Perhaps you’re finally over the ex that you have been trying to forget?  Or you are ready to start that new project you have been TALKING about forever.

As always with astrology, everything I have written above only really makes sense when you know how it hooks and links to your birth chart.  Do you have planets and placements from 28 Capricorn / Cancer to 4 Aquarius /Leo?  These are the KEY degrees for this eclipse.

The energy should be HIGH and the crazies out on the streets.  Maternity wards will be jam packed as will the police phone lines.

WHAT HAS COMPLETED?  What has come full circle? How can we take the lessons from that journey and plant them into something creative, magical and attractive.  Take what you have learned and give it away!

“If you want something, give it.” Deepak Chopra

There is MAGIC in generosity and kindness, activate ideas and frequencies around you by getting the ball rolling and giving what you want to others. The Law of Attraction is at play in a massive way right now so there is something in this for all of us.  Even if it seems MAD (Uranus,) Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius conjunct the Great Attractor are generous and loving in the extreme but perhaps here as roles are reversed (Uranus) the joy is not in what we manifest for ourselves, but what we are able to do for others.

This only one suggestion, when Uranus is strong we cannot predict because he loves to SHOCK us but all I can say is EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and trust your instincts and be open to change.

Big love, F xxx