Following on from my last post about JK Rowling being a trained astrologer (something I am still looking into) I just found this:

harry potterWhich has got me thinking….

Anyone who went to school in the UK and has experienced the house system has played the game of guessing which house a person would be in.
Over the years I’ve had lots of conversations with people and discussed how STRANGE it is that in some way, we fit our house at school.  That all the people in a house have certain shared characteristics.  It’s one of those things that has always made sense, but not made sense.

However, if we go back to astrology and think that all houses are ruled by signs, that everything is connected and like attracts like… then we can make more sense of this.

When I changed schools, I changed colours… I began to move from my young ‘moon’ personality (we appear like our moons more when we are young) and moved into my ‘sun’ sign.

I can’t pinpoint what we were yet at school… what overall energy was depicted by the signs… but I know that’s why the house system at school leaves us with a feeling of echo!

Astrology is something we all feel but don’t really understand!

Frank xx